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Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
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Acklins & Crooked Island

This island is located at the southeastern part of the Bahamas. It hugs a famous lagoon called Bight of Acklins , a great place to visit. The landscape has many unusual rock formations, great beaches to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and other water sports. It is one of the most preserved islands in the Bahamas. Electricity came here , in 1998. It is a beautiful private getaway, for romantic anchorages, and outstanding beaches! Acklins and Crooked Island motor boats give you a wonderful chance to explore this amazing island.

In Crooked island, the Birdrock Light House was constructed in 1876, and it is one of the most guarded secrets in the Bahamas region. Interesting places to visit from the past are such: Cripple Hill, True Blue, Gun Point and others , which remain from the early days of the 1700’s when the island was used as cotton and salt producing areas.

The waters around the Acklins and Crooked islands are very warm and clear. It is an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. Enjoy your luxury yacht charter experience in this island amidst crystal-clear waters and serene surroundings!
In the area there are miles of sandy beaches, the diving enthusiasts can experience great moments in the area and there are lots of activities to do around , such: fishing, picnicking, water sports, explore caves, see historical sights, etc. on our Crooked Island motor yachts.
Here the visitors become one with the history and nature. A unique place to spend time during your yacht charter!

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