Yacht Vacations for Clients With Disabilities

yachts for disabled

It’s not common knowledge that many large and smaller private yachts can accommodate persons with limited mobility, in fact we have arranged many yacht vacations for clients with disabilities. It’s basically a myth that the disabled are somehow excluded from these marvellous experiences on board a chartered yacht.

Many of our professional captains and crews are more than capable, and very experienced in managing the kind of special attention that is required for boarding and navigating a wheel-chair, for example, inside a multi deck yacht.
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Sea Holidays and Health Benefits

girl swimming underwater

Sea Holidays and Health…

Spending your holidays near the sea is not only pleasant and amusing, but also has curative and therapeutic values! The sea water, the sea salt, the fresh air, combined with sport activities and healthy nutrition is rejuvenating!

It is well known that the water itself helps us in many ways: it detoxifies, it helps our nervous system, relives muscular tension or pain, removes the stress, revitalizes the body and our mind!
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Mediterranean Motor Yacht Charter

 mediteranean motor yacht charter If you are thinking about a Mediterranean motor yacht charter for your family this summer, we recommend that you book your holiday or vacation yacht early.

That means that you should be thinking about this now: at the beginning of March. The Med yachting season begins around mid-May and ends in early October, so the season is not really very long and the yachts are getting booked quite quickly. July and August which are the peak months and generally book first.

This is basically the time of year that most Europeans take their holidays because the children are out of school and it’s basically part of the "rites of Summer".

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Summer Yacht Charter Getaway

It is that time of year again! Where the working men, women and excited-to-be-out-of-school children, seek their annual getaway! Why not kick back, relax and take in everything a yacht charter has to offer.

Year-round, there are many popular yacht charter destinations, but the two that are most visited during the warm summer months are the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea.

No matter what thrills you are seeking, both of these locations are sure to bring the sunshine, cocktails, laughter and relaxation to your vacation holiday!

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Perfect Cruising Waters in Winter

Cruising in the winter? Sure! Yachting is not only for the summer season. Some destinations are worth visiting all year-round! Would you like to make the best out of winter by visiting some of the most beautiful yacht destinations in the world? Here are some tempting suggestions for you:


The Caribbean Islands are one of the best options when it comes to yachting in the winter. The temperatures are very steady throughout the year, with very little variations of just a few degrees. Whatever it is that you are looking for, whether it is tropical rain forests, beautiful lagoons, romantic anchorages, you will definitely find the the Caribbean Islands an amazing destination!

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When is Best to Plan Your Yacht Charter?

A lot of our clients are asking when the best time is to charter in different destinations – when the high season in the Mediterranean is, and when the high or low season is in the Caribbean or Bahamas?

The prices vary and depend on the high or low season, therefore it is nice to clear this up and have answers to these important questions, especially when you charter a yacht for the first time!

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4 Delightful Places in the Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera is a popular yachting destination for those seeking adventure, beauty and rich history. The climate is mild and pleasant to spend your holidays.

Ashore, you can visit the nice fishing villages or the larger towns, dine in fine restaurants, explore remote bays, and have in general a holiday that you will always remember!

While in the beautiful Italian Riviera, we recommend you visit:


Portofino is an italian fishing village that offers such beauty and grace! Here you can expect to run into those of the rich and famous. 

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