When is Best to Plan Your Yacht Charter?

A lot of our clients are asking when the best time is to charter in different destinations – when the high season in the Mediterranean is, and when the high or low season is in the Caribbean or Bahamas?

The prices vary and depend on the high or low season, therefore it is nice to clear this up and have answers to these important questions, especially when you charter a yacht for the first time!

Mediterranean Crewed Yacht Charters

The high season in this cruising area is July and August, especially in West Med. For Greek charters, sometimes the high season is longer and is defined from the 15th of June to the 15th of September. This applies to some yachts for the Greek islands. July and August are also the most popular months in the summer! This is when the rate is higher. 
The low season is May, June and September and the off season is October and the rest of the months. The rates in the Mediterranean are not usually inclusive, especially in the West Med and Greece. In Croatia and Turkey, you can often find inclusive deals.
The warmer months are June, July and August, and could also say September. Everything else is with lower temperatures.

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters 

Any time is a good time to charter in the Caribbean Sea. Summer is warmer with temperatures between 80-90 degrees F. 
There is no low or high rate that depends on the seasons. There is only a premium rate during Christmas and New Year’s holidays. 
The rates in the Caribbean are usually inclusive of meals and beverages and the cost varies, depending on the number of guests. Less the guests, lower the rate, and the opposite.

Bareboat Charters

Mediterranean Bareboat Charters: The season is from May to October. July and August are the highest priced months. There is a mid season for May , June and September and a low season for the rest of the months.  Any charters that are out of the above mentioned months are not recommend because the sea conditions are not easy and temperatures are low.
Caribbean Bareboat Charters: In the Caribbean the bareboat charters have high price during December and part of January. The period between July and October have the lowest rates. The shoulder rates such as Spring Break and Easter. 
Bahamas Bareboat Charters: The highest rates here are in the summer starting June ending in September and the lowest in the winter months. In the winter is more chilly 60-70 degrees.

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