Come Explore the Balearic Islands

Some say it’s the constant sunshine, others say it’s the beautiful blue waters that keep the yachting enthusiasts coming back year after year.

No matter what the reasoning is, we believe the Balearic Islands are nothing short of amazing!

 Photo Courtesy of: jf1234
 Photo Courtesy of: jf1234

Located in the western Mediterranean Sea, an archipelago of Spain, the Balearics are surrounded by golden beaches, rocky peaks and coves – all perfect for anchoring out in. Peak season runs from April until the end of October, but does not mean any other months are to be avoided!


Historic gothic castles, museums, and ancient cobbled streets make up the fascinating Spanish landscapes of the Balearics. These structures are especially beautiful at night fall, due to Spanish heritages surrounding them.

Photo Courtesy of: GanMed64

Travel to two of the secluded beaches Balearics has to offer: Formentta or Cabrera. Here you can avoid the hustle and bustle and simply relax.

The three main islands of the Balearics are Mallorca (or Majorca,) Menorca and Ibiza (which is actually a Pityuses Island, but most consider part of the Balearics.) The biggest island, home to the capital of Palma, is Mallurca. North of Mallurca is Menorca, a more quiet island with no mass tourism. However, south of Mallurca is Ibiza, known as the party island, showing its’ guests a good time 24/7.

Photo Courtesy of: GanMed64

Hop on board one of our many, luxurious motor, mega, sailing yachts and catamarans and cruise your way to the beautiful and enchanted Balearic Islands.

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