Explore the Best places of Turkey!

Yacht chartering in Turkey is a very unique traveling experience. Turkey provides a vast variety of things to see and do along the Turkish Coast.

Here are some of the top most beautiful areas to visit:


Pammukale – Foremost Mineral Bath Spa

Pammukale, meaning, “cotton castle" is a mountain shape made by calcium and forms, containing small bathing pools where people swim during the summer. It is quite warm here during the summer months resulting in the need of major sun protection!




Once a famous Greek city, Ephesus was one of the largerst cities in the Mediterranean, with a population of 250.000 habitans during the 1st century BC, located near Izmir. 
The temple of Artemis in Ephesus was one of the SEVEN WONDERS of the Ancient World and today is one of the most touristic attractions in Turkey. 
Izmir, the city of Asia Minor in Ancient Greek times, is where the Greeks built a leading seaport. The region became very wealthy and a temple of the Greek Artemis was built in 550 BC. Croesus from Lydia took Izmir. He was an admirer of the Greek Temple. He donated 36 columns with sculptures to the temple, some of them exhibited in the British Museum in London. The area then was captured by the Persians – after by Alexander the Great and then by  the Romans. 
Excavations (1869-74) of the ruins of the temple brought to light many artifacts. Later excavations uncovered important Roman and Byzantine remains. 
(Quoted from The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001.)
Other places to visit while in Epheseus:
  • House of Virgin Mary
  • Bacilica of St. John
  • Ephesus Museum
  • Isa Bey Mosque
  • Seven Sleepers
  • Sirince Village.

The Patara Beach

One of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Turkey! It is an 18 klm sandy beach where the sea turtles lay their eggs. Around Patara, the nature is very rich, with beautiful landscape. Patara Beach is a protected National Park and the beach is closed from May to October, so the turtles are in peace to lay their eggs. The nearest resort area is Kalkan, where you can take the bus for a tour to Patara. The best place to stay close to the Patara Beach is the Viewpoint Hotel – a very good accommodation and excellent cuisine! 

Blue Lagoon


Close to Fethiye, you can visit the Blue Lagoon, located in Ölüdeniz
The myth says: Once a father and a son were cought in a storm. The son suggested they go ashore and hide in a cave. The father said there were no caves ashore and if they approached too much they would break their boat. Suddenly the father threw the son out of the boat and took the helm himself. As the boat hit the rocks, the father turned to this calm bay – so calm, it was called the Sea of the Dead. 
It is a wonderful spot for water sports and paragliding. The area is protected and also a National Park.

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