Five Reasons to Visit Santorini

Santorini has remained one of the most beautiful destinations to visit, and it is not going to change any time soon. Thousands of yacht enthusiasts find themselves nestled on the beaches here, with a cold drink in hand, relaxing their problems away.

Traveling to Santorini by yacht charter, is the prime choice. Here, you are given the ability to travel around all sites, at your own speed and your own time. Upon arriving to Santorini, an itinerary is necessary. There are so many things to see and do at this yachting destination, that pre-planning is recommended. Rest assured, if you are here to be care-free, plan-free, Santorini is perfect for that as well.

If unsure of the things Santorini has to offer, here are five reasons to visit Santorini by yacht charter.

Unique Villages

Santorini is comprised of several unique and fascinating villages. Some include: Fira, Kamari, Perissa and Oia. Fira, perched on a cliff, overlooks some of Santorini’s unforgettable scenery. It is also the main town on the island.

Kamari is a black pebble beach village where topless sunbathing is accepted. This village is for the more laid back crowd wanting to relax. Perissa is another black sandy beach with several water-based activities to indulge in. Oia, or Ia, is most famous in Santorini. It is a famous picturesque town adored by travelers and photographers alike.



Most yacht travelers enjoy the wonders of swimming in beautiful, refreshing waters and soaking in Vitamin D from the sun. There are many beaches on this island to ensure these enjoyable activities can be fulfilled.

Some of the different types of beaches in Santorini include: Black Beach, Red Beach, White Beach and Vlichada (nude beach.)

Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

Next to sunbathing, the most popular thing to do while on a yacht charter, is scuba diving or snorkeling. Santorini does not fail to offer this exhilarating activity to its visitors.

Here, you will not see many fish like a lot of diving destinations, but you can expect to see a wreck near the volcano, caverns, reefs, and of course wall diving. Non-qualified divers can dive up to 14 meters down to explore the wreck.

Recommended sites for snorkeling are: Mesa Pigadia beach, the beach South of Oia, as well as Perissa Rock.

Delectable Cuisine

Santorini is a place for romance. Cuddle up next to your loved one at a romantic dinner, while guzzling down some incredible wines and delicious Greek foods! Taverns overlook the caldera and deliver the most beautiful sunset views.

If you are wanting a quick bite to eat, that is not overpriced, family run taverns are the perfect choice. Gyros are accessible everywhere.

Unparalleled Scenery

Santorini is comprised of the perfect scenery for photographs and paintings. There is little wonder why so many professionals come to this destination for inspiration.

There’s blue skies nearly all the time. Lemon and orange groves add such beauty to this wonderful island. White houses perch on enormous rocks and pink and white churches are everywhere. The scenery in Santorini is simply unmatchable.

The fun and excitement doesn’t stop there. All day and all night, you can enjoy everything this island has to offer.

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