Genoa Boat Show 2013

Genoa Boat Show, or MYBA Charter Show, took place April 29 – May 3, 2013

A great show that had more than 60 boats on display!

ABSOLUTE YACHTING is participating at the show year after year in order to inspect the vessels  and interview the crews. 
Our job is to take notes and spot the best vessels in order to offer them to our valuable clients! 
Genoa Boat Show, picture taken from a tender.

Genoa Boat Show, picture taken from the boat that was transferring us to close marinas.
On board TOBY, a 31.3 meter motor yacht,  with other brokers.
On board Live the Moment, a 25,58 meter motor yacht.
On board DOMANI, a 45 meter motor vessel.
Crew picture of Sea Shell a 33.7 meter motor yacht.
Chef on the left and sous chef on board NERO, a 90 meter motor vessel!
On board sailing yacht, TENAZ, a 40 meter sailing yacht.
Genoa Boat Show.
Genoa marina view.
Genoa – MYBA Charter Show 2013.
Gala during the Genoa Boat Show.
On board NERO, a 90 meter motor vessel! 
Invited for lunch on board Christina G, a 33.56 meter motor yacht.
On board Metsuyan IV, a 36 meter motor yacht.

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