Itinerary – Cruising Along the Turkish Coast!

The Turkish Coast line has beautiful beaches and bays, surrounded by pine-clad hills.


The area of Fethiye is very popular, as it is one of the largest touristic centers in Turkey. It attracts a great number of people, from all over the world, during the summer season. Here, life is simple. The people are very hospitable and the cost of living is much lower compared to other places.

You can visit the museum, walk down the streets, or browse around at the stores. Fathiye is a very interesting place to enjoy your vacation.

The Turunc Bay

Beautiful, small, picturesque bay, with crystal waters and beautiful natural views. Turunc Bay is a nice beach and when the sun goes down, the colors of the sun are “painted” on the water. Turunc Bay is ideal for water sports and for romantic dinners under the candle lights.


Gemiler Island

On the island you can see the remains of several churches built between the fourth and sixth centuries AD, along with a variety of associated buildings. Archaeologists believe it was the location of the original tomb of St Nicholas.


Aga Bay

A beautiful bay to swim, but also a nice area you can hike up the mountain!


 Sarsala Bay

It is very near Dalaman airport. A tranquil beautiful bay, you can enjoy and relax with your family or friends while your crew spoils you with gourmet dishes!



Gocek has a great marina and serves the yachting tourism. In 1998 the Government voted a rule to protect Gocek and its appearance. Thus, in Gocek, you can only see 2 story buildings – no higher buildings are allowed to be built. Beautiful shops, restaurants – a nice summer resort! The Bay of Skopea, which streches out from the village, is a nice place to visit!

Dalyan Bay

In ancient times, the river Calbys was the border of Lycia and Caria. Kaunos was one of the two ports of the city, very important for the commerce. In this area there are lots of historical sites you can visit , but also enjoy the nice views and the sea!

Tersane island

This island was used as a ship dockyard during the Ottoman period. However, islanders migrated to Rhodes in 1922 after Greece and Turkey agreed to exchange the foreign populations in the two countries. There are also remains of two churches and a tomb. A restaurant on the island is a good place to stop and have a nice meal. The island is a nice spot for water sports and relaxation.

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