Mastic – Nature’s Amazing Multi-Purpose Remedy

Cultivated in Chios of Greece, the Mastic is known as the "tear of Chios," due to being produced in "teardrops" or droplets. The Mastic is a product with significant MEDICINAL VALUE! In Greece, it was given to patients as a remedy for a snake bite, where as in Spain it was given as a fill for a dental cavity. The Mastic is rich in antioxidents, antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

Did you know that Mastic Gum in Chios, is granted “PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN” within the European Union? 
Mastic is a resinous gum, obtained by the mastic tree. It is particularly useful in modern world as it can kill bacteria that causes most peptic ulcers! In early 1990’s Arab and British researches found that mastic kills H. pylori. Pylori infects the stomach and  the intestines but also found in mouth. Pylori if not killed, migrates down to esophagus. 
As half of the world’s population is infected with pylori, it is suggested we use the Mastic Gum regularly. By using Mastic products such mouthwash, toothpaste and chewing gum we can help prevent tooth decay and some diseases from oral bacteria! Indigestion symptoms are also lowered by using the chewing gum. 
Mastic is also used in ice cream, sauces, breads, cakes, sweets, in beverages! 
The harvest of the Mastic takes place in Chios Greece, from July to October.
With its many useful purposes, the Mastic is a wonderful souvenier to pick up on your next Greece yacht charter!

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