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South of France

South of France (Nice, Cannes,) Monaco and the Amalfi Coast, claim the largest number of summer attractions – among the top 25 in  the world!

Nice and Cannes are the summer high light places of Europe! The 120 km of the Cote d’ Azur Coast offers a variety of places to stop and have some fun!

Other areas such St. Tropez, Cap Ferrat, Frejus are unique holiday spots as well!

Cannes hosts the International Film Festival every year. Millions of tourists visit for this event and lot of people hire yachts in order to be close to the Show. 

St Tropez is very chic, sunny and a sexy place. It is a top South of France Resort that offers all you need -relaxation and glamour. Many celebrities visit this spot year after year.

The Port Grimaud is a port located between Saint Tropez and Sainte-Maxime. It was built in 1960 by the architect, Francois Spoerry. The port is built in small canals with many home properties having their own berth place for their personal yachts. The beach close by is wonderful, and the sea is good for windsurfing and kayaking. 



Monaco is a place to be! The city is tiny but it must be seen! In 1848 the state went bankrupt and the Prince decided to build a casino. The casino brought a lot of profits and helped the economy of the state. Monaco hosts the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo every year – another attraction that brings a lot of income to Monaco. Although the rich and famous visit regularly, I find Monaco not too expensive to eat or drink and relax. It is a pleasant place that offers many places to visit, such the Parliament, the Museums and the Aquarium. 


 Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast lies near the Province of Salerno in Southern Italy. It is a popular touristic destination! 

The Amalfi Coast is declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It combines the sea and the mountain. The mountain plunges into the sea, creating coves, cliffs, caverns, bays, natural arches and small pebble beaches.

This area is known as the land of Sirens, in the Homer’s epic poem, Odysseus. 

The most famous places to visit on Amalfi Coast are: Positano, Praiano, Furore, Conca dei Marini, Amalfi, Scala, Minori, and Cetara.

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