Explore the Best places of Turkey!

Yacht chartering in Turkey is a very unique traveling experience. Turkey provides a vast variety of things to see and do along the Turkish Coast.

Here are some of the top most beautiful areas to visit:


Pammukale – Foremost Mineral Bath Spa

Pammukale, meaning, “cotton castle" is a mountain shape made by calcium and forms, containing small bathing pools where people swim during the summer. It is quite warm here during the summer months resulting in the need of major sun protection!




Once a famous Greek city, Ephesus was one of the largerst cities in the Mediterranean, with a population of 250.000 habitans during the 1st century BC, located near Izmir. 
The temple of Artemis in Ephesus was one of the SEVEN WONDERS of the Ancient World and today is one of the most touristic attractions in Turkey. 
Izmir, the city of Asia Minor in Ancient Greek times, is where the Greeks built a leading seaport. The region became very wealthy and a temple of the Greek Artemis was built in 550 BC. Croesus from Lydia took Izmir. He was an admirer of the Greek Temple. He donated 36 columns with sculptures to the temple, some of them exhibited in the British Museum in London. The area then was captured by the Persians – after by Alexander the Great and then by  the Romans. 
Excavations (1869-74) of the ruins of the temple brought to light many artifacts. Later excavations uncovered important Roman and Byzantine remains. 
(Quoted from The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001.)
Other places to visit while in Epheseus:
  • House of Virgin Mary
  • Bacilica of St. John
  • Ephesus Museum
  • Isa Bey Mosque
  • Seven Sleepers
  • Sirince Village.

The Patara Beach

One of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Turkey! It is an 18 klm sandy beach where the sea turtles lay their eggs. Around Patara, the nature is very rich, with beautiful landscape. Patara Beach is a protected National Park and the beach is closed from May to October, so the turtles are in peace to lay their eggs. The nearest resort area is Kalkan, where you can take the bus for a tour to Patara. The best place to stay close to the Patara Beach is the Viewpoint Hotel – a very good accommodation and excellent cuisine! 

Blue Lagoon


Close to Fethiye, you can visit the Blue Lagoon, located in Ölüdeniz
The myth says: Once a father and a son were cought in a storm. The son suggested they go ashore and hide in a cave. The father said there were no caves ashore and if they approached too much they would break their boat. Suddenly the father threw the son out of the boat and took the helm himself. As the boat hit the rocks, the father turned to this calm bay – so calm, it was called the Sea of the Dead. 
It is a wonderful spot for water sports and paragliding. The area is protected and also a National Park.

Itinerary – Cruising Along the Turkish Coast!

The Turkish Coast line has beautiful beaches and bays, surrounded by pine-clad hills.


The area of Fethiye is very popular, as it is one of the largest touristic centers in Turkey. It attracts a great number of people, from all over the world, during the summer season. Here, life is simple. The people are very hospitable and the cost of living is much lower compared to other places.

You can visit the museum, walk down the streets, or browse around at the stores. Fathiye is a very interesting place to enjoy your vacation.

The Turunc Bay

Beautiful, small, picturesque bay, with crystal waters and beautiful natural views. Turunc Bay is a nice beach and when the sun goes down, the colors of the sun are “painted” on the water. Turunc Bay is ideal for water sports and for romantic dinners under the candle lights.


Gemiler Island

On the island you can see the remains of several churches built between the fourth and sixth centuries AD, along with a variety of associated buildings. Archaeologists believe it was the location of the original tomb of St Nicholas.


Aga Bay

A beautiful bay to swim, but also a nice area you can hike up the mountain!


 Sarsala Bay

It is very near Dalaman airport. A tranquil beautiful bay, you can enjoy and relax with your family or friends while your crew spoils you with gourmet dishes!



Gocek has a great marina and serves the yachting tourism. In 1998 the Government voted a rule to protect Gocek and its appearance. Thus, in Gocek, you can only see 2 story buildings – no higher buildings are allowed to be built. Beautiful shops, restaurants – a nice summer resort! The Bay of Skopea, which streches out from the village, is a nice place to visit!

Dalyan Bay

In ancient times, the river Calbys was the border of Lycia and Caria. Kaunos was one of the two ports of the city, very important for the commerce. In this area there are lots of historical sites you can visit , but also enjoy the nice views and the sea!

Tersane island

This island was used as a ship dockyard during the Ottoman period. However, islanders migrated to Rhodes in 1922 after Greece and Turkey agreed to exchange the foreign populations in the two countries. There are also remains of two churches and a tomb. A restaurant on the island is a good place to stop and have a nice meal. The island is a nice spot for water sports and relaxation.

Visiting the Capital of Greek Civilization: Athens



Visiting Greece at least once in a life time is considered one of the GREATEST traveling experiences!


Once landing in Athens, you will immediately feel the Mediterranean climate soothing your senses! You will instantly feel the sun having a positive impact on your soul and body!


There is no time to lose! Before visiting the Greek islands, visit the capital of Greece. Take a transfer to your hotel and get going! The capital of Greece awaits you, to offer you a great knowledge of the ancient civilization!


It is recommended you chose a hotel that is not in the heart of the city, but around the center, with a proximity of 2-3 kilometers. This is to avoid traffic and crowds. There are beautiful hotels of 3-5 stars around the area. Choose a walking distance to the major sight seeing areas of the capital.


The most interesting areas to visit are:


Acropolis: “the sacred rock.” – the connection between ancient and contemporary civilization. The monuments stand there from the prehistoric period up to the ancient times. On the mountain of Acropolis you will find Propylea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon, the Caryatids!


A must see is the Theater of Herod Atticus which was built in 161 B.C. The Festival of Athens takes place in this theatre every summer. More than 5,000 spectators enjoy all of the events that take place in this theatre.


Arios Pagos or otherwise called Court of Cassation, is the most ancient Court in the World!


The Acropolis Museum was inaugurated during the summer of 2009. It hosts collections across three levels: the “ Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis” , the “Archaic Gallery” and the “Parthenon Gallery.”

Every Sunday and Saturday the museum welcomes visitors to its virtual reality theatre that presents 3D video screenings!


Walking further from the museum along the pedestrian road, you arrive at the Ancient Agora. In the Agora you will have the opportunity to meet with the workings of Classical Athenian Democracy.


Via Ermou Street you will end up in Kerameikos, the area with impressive tomb sculptures!


The heart of the historical centre is Plaka and Monastiraki. You can walk through the narrow streets and enjoy shopping! There are more than 2,500 shops of all kinds and a traditional bazaar.


Syntagma Square, the Parliament,  the Monument of the Unknown Soldier , Zappeion, the National Garden and the Kallimarmaro Stadium are also places worth visiting.



Enjoy panoramic views of the City during the day or at night from: Lycabettus Hill, Filopapou Hill, Anafiotika in Plaka and Kaisariani Hill.


In the center of Athens you can also find jewelry shops with unique jewels of Greek style and more. Shopping malls like attica are also worth visiting.

In Greece, gastronomy is a way of communication . A way to talk to the heart of the people.  The Greek hospitality is known worldwide!  International scientific studies show that Greek diet has positive effect on a person’s health, beauty and longevity.

Greek cuisine has some important secrets: good quality fresh ingredients, correct use of flavourings (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity. 


You can find in Athens many tavernas with traditional MEZEDES with ouzo and other local wines. If you prefer Greek high quality meals you can also visit restaurants that have awarded chefs as follows:







Take a Cruise Along the Amalfi Coast



Rich in architecture, Italy provides some of the most beautiful attractions. It delivers enchanting, old towns in the north and beautiful, serene islands in the south. Become surrounded by red and orange facades while traveling through the cities. Get caught up in the excitement at the fishing ports, or venture off to admire the grace of the historical churches. When your day is spent, take a seat and relax at one of the divine italian restaurants. The cuisine in Italy is enough to keep your taste buds wanting to come back for more!



On the southern part of Italy, lies the Amalfi Coast. Here you can enjoy your yachting adventures and relax on the cozy, sandy beaches. Visit the chic towns of Capri, or Positano, where you can also book excursions to other destinations such as Naples or the ruins of Pompeii.



Positano is a village and comune on the Amalfi Coast, in Campania. The main part of the city sits in an enclave, within the hills, leading down to the coast. Positano is the setting of many films and novels such as Nine and “Finding Positano, A Love Story” by William James. It also hosts the annual Cartoons on the BayFestival. The fun doesn’t stop there. A historic story goes, that pirates stole the statue of a black Madonna, and then began to sail across the Mediterranean when a storm arose and a voice was understood saying, “Put down! Put down!” This frightened the pirates so much that they disburdened the Madonna at the nearest village, Positano, and hurried on their way. The statue may now be visited at The church of Santa Maria Assunta.


"/“Capri” is the name of the island as well as the city within the island. The city of Capri is the island\’s main population turf. Once arriving to this magnificent destination, rocky outcrops, sheer cliffs and high hills welcome you. Here you can expect to be visited by all types of creatures including: quails, blackbirds, robins, woodcocks, geckos, red goldfish, conger eels, sargos, groupers, mullets, peregrine falcons, and the blue lizard of the Faraglioni. When on location, be sure to visit the popular Charterhouse of San Giacomo. It is a captivating complex with a museum highlighting some of Capri’s history.


Romance yourselves, or simply relax and enjoy the experience of gentle lapping waves and picturesque views of buildings clinging to cliffs at this magnificent yachting destination.



To wrap Italy up in one phrase, it would be, “Un Devono Andare,” A Must Go! The cuisine, the architecture, the history, the wild and marine life, EVERYTHING, is reason enough to book your next yacht charter!!








Mykonos is the Magic Place of Greece!




All rich and famous enjoy their summer holidays on the island of Mykonos!


If you wish to be seen this is the place! If you wish to feel entirely free from your every day problems, here is the place! You wish to make new friends and party all night? Mykonos is certainly the place!

Night life is highly developed. As the sun goes down, the tired rest and the young people “in age” and “in heart“ party until the sun rises!  The town never sleeps all summer long!



Walk from the Wind Mills down to Little Venice where large young crowds are having fun in the clubs! Lively crowds with a “fun” attitude being in a different era! A unique atmosphere to meet people and party! Come to Little Venice early in the evening to find a table and a place to sit with your friends!


Watch the sky change colors in the evening, while the sun sets, sipping your favorite refreshment! Watch the people go by or dance in the rhythm of the music! Get away from your every day life and make  some new friends!





Some of the most famous Clubs is Veranda, Aroma Bar, Cosi , Agyra, 9 Muses, Remezzo and Scandinavian.


During the day or night, Super Paradise is the place to be. An organized beach that has clear blue waters, music, spectacles, fun, drinks and SUN to enjoy!  Visit this amazing place, where the party never ends, on your next yacht charter!




Qatar – A Place To Be!

Superyachts have and may continue to cruise around the 500km sandy coastline of Qatar! After the Tribecca Film Festival in November, in Doha (the Capital of Qatar,) visitors’ attention was grasped!
Al Ghariya beach is a large stretch of sand that is lapped by the Persion Gulf and is very popular with crew, arranging Arabian beach barbeques for their guests! For visitors who enjoy water-sports and extreme sports, Fuwairit beach is the place to be. Fuwairit beach has cliffs which funnel winds, allowing perfect waves for kite-surfing – so if you are a kite-surfer, Fuwairit beach is your scene!
Custom made sandy lagoons are ideal for superyachts. This mancreated archipelago, consisting of 13 islands, also includes restaurants from Dalloyau and Carluccio (for guests with exquisite dining) and stores from Salvatore Ferragamo and Stell McCartney (for guests with exquisite wardrobe taste.)
There is no doubt that with the Arabina mystery, beauty and nature all entwined with modern creations and outlets, that all guests will have a spectacular time.
Superyacht “Moonlight II” (ex Alyisa) is a perfect example of a superyacht available in Qatar and The Gulf.

ARIANNA-The Most Featured Super Yacht in the World



Built by renowned shipbuilders; Delta Marine U.S.A and launched in 2012, motor yacht “ARIANNA” did not lose anytime on making headlines!

“Arianna” is a 49.9 meters super-yacht with an immaculate crew of 11 and luxuriously accommodates 12 guests with ultimate comfort, luxury and style! During the winter season “Arianna” entertains her guests in the Caribbean and Bahamas and from May onwards in the Mediterranean.  She immediately acquired grand reputation, thus received clients from leading charter companies world wide without any hesitation nor reluctance! Stuart Ince, the Chef onboard “Arianna” won the “Concours de Chef Competition” and news spread quickly with relevant information being featured in “Boat International”. “Arianna” was featured in “Invictus Magazine” with over 150 online publications and features including 8 cover stories and over 30 main features spreads, making her THE MOST FEATURED SUPERYACHT IN THE WORLD!


A Floating Paradise Launched – ALCHEMIST TOO

Sanlorenzo at the Viareggio Marina, celebrated the launch of Alchemist Too – a 38 meter tri-deck motor yacht with a semi-displacement hull and Minotti décor. The ceremony was held in the presence of her new owner and his family, who flew in from Mexico in order to celebrate this very special occasion with the yard.

Alchemist Too, being the seventh SD 122, can host on board 10 guests and 6 crew members, including her Captain. It wasn’t by chance that the Mexican owner of Alchemist Too chose Sanlorenzo of more than 50 years in the industry to purchase such a motor yacht. Sanlorenzo yachts are at the highest level of the international production and a vast history proving their quality and performance.
Sanlorenzo, according to the Global Order Book, is ranked the third shipyard in the world!

Port Hercule in Monaco Enters Stage of Evolution


The Monaco Times reported at the press conference that the Port Hercule in Monaco shall undergo major overhaul. The government announced that they will “make it an attraction on its own right.” Port Hercule is already a world-wide renowned and historical port, but the sate-run CSA (Conseil Strategique pour L’attractivite) is focusing to attract more people, tourists, residents and companies. The aim of CSA is to complete the new Monaco Yacht Club and modernizing the waterfront. The goal is to increase the regions interest for prospective investors. The completion of this evolutionary stage is set for this year. Port Hercule, already being a ministry in the Superyacht Industry, hosting the Monaco Yacht Show annually, and with the modernization of this port, it is no doubt that it will bring a new step to yachting destinations.