Qatar – A Place To Be!

Superyachts have and may continue to cruise around the 500km sandy coastline of Qatar! After the Tribecca Film Festival in November, in Doha (the Capital of Qatar,) visitors’ attention was grasped!
Al Ghariya beach is a large stretch of sand that is lapped by the Persion Gulf and is very popular with crew, arranging Arabian beach barbeques for their guests! For visitors who enjoy water-sports and extreme sports, Fuwairit beach is the place to be. Fuwairit beach has cliffs which funnel winds, allowing perfect waves for kite-surfing – so if you are a kite-surfer, Fuwairit beach is your scene!
Custom made sandy lagoons are ideal for superyachts. This mancreated archipelago, consisting of 13 islands, also includes restaurants from Dalloyau and Carluccio (for guests with exquisite dining) and stores from Salvatore Ferragamo and Stell McCartney (for guests with exquisite wardrobe taste.)
There is no doubt that with the Arabina mystery, beauty and nature all entwined with modern creations and outlets, that all guests will have a spectacular time.
Superyacht “Moonlight II” (ex Alyisa) is a perfect example of a superyacht available in Qatar and The Gulf.

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