Sea Holidays and Health Benefits

girl swimming underwater

Sea Holidays and Health…

Spending your holidays near the sea is not only pleasant and amusing, but also has curative and therapeutic values! The sea water, the sea salt, the fresh air, combined with sport activities and healthy nutrition is rejuvenating!

It is well known that the water itself helps us in many ways: it detoxifies, it helps our nervous system, relives muscular tension or pain, removes the stress, revitalizes the body and our mind!

Spend your summers near the sea. ABSOLUTE YACHTING can help you organize a superb holiday at sea, on board a yacht! On a yacht you can combine all the above! Your crew will carefully take care of your nutritional needs, will adjust menus to your chosen healing diet, will help you with the water sports activities , will arrange ashore excursions and will keep you busy.

kids tubing The fresh air while you are on the deck, the sound of the waves will put you into a relaxed and soothing state!

No matter what destination you choose, what type of yacht you like or what your budget is, our company can help you organize such wonderful, beneficial and worth planning REJUVENATING EXPERIENCE!

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