Summer Yacht Charter Getaway

It is that time of year again! Where the working men, women and excited-to-be-out-of-school children, seek their annual getaway! Why not kick back, relax and take in everything a yacht charter has to offer.

Year-round, there are many popular yacht charter destinations, but the two that are most visited during the warm summer months are the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea.

No matter what thrills you are seeking, both of these locations are sure to bring the sunshine, cocktails, laughter and relaxation to your vacation holiday!


The Mediterranean is the world’s most visited destination, with its rich history, diverse culture, beautiful warm waters and breathtaking scenery. Visit the most amazing yacht charter destinations such as The Balearics, Corsica & Sardinia, Turkey, French Riviera & Italian Riviera, Croatia & Venice, and Greece !
Fun fact: The word Mediterranean is derived from the Roman word, Mediterraneus, meaning “Center of the World.”


The most popular yacht charter destination is the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea. Here you are gifted with beautiful marine life, white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and serene shorelines. Everything that the Caribbean has to offer, including its cuisines, adventures and snorkeling hotspots, is enough to sweep you off of your feet and keep you wanting to do it again and again! The British Virgin islands or BVI,  the Bahamas and Grenadines are awaiting your arrival!  Our service is customized according to your needs and we always prepare perfect itineraries for your yacht charter!  
Preparing your yacht charter vacation is almost as exciting as actually being on it. The rush of excitement experienced when planning your itinerary with the captain, will have you counting down the days until you are sitting back, relaxing and soaking in every bit of the sun’s rays!
Absolute Yachting is here for any questions you may have regarding your future yacht charter getaway. Paradise is waiting!


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