Take a Cruise Along the Amalfi Coast



Rich in architecture, Italy provides some of the most beautiful attractions. It delivers enchanting, old towns in the north and beautiful, serene islands in the south. Become surrounded by red and orange facades while traveling through the cities. Get caught up in the excitement at the fishing ports, or venture off to admire the grace of the historical churches. When your day is spent, take a seat and relax at one of the divine italian restaurants. The cuisine in Italy is enough to keep your taste buds wanting to come back for more!



On the southern part of Italy, lies the Amalfi Coast. Here you can enjoy your yachting adventures and relax on the cozy, sandy beaches. Visit the chic towns of Capri, or Positano, where you can also book excursions to other destinations such as Naples or the ruins of Pompeii.



Positano is a village and comune on the Amalfi Coast, in Campania. The main part of the city sits in an enclave, within the hills, leading down to the coast. Positano is the setting of many films and novels such as Nine and “Finding Positano, A Love Story” by William James. It also hosts the annual Cartoons on the BayFestival. The fun doesn’t stop there. A historic story goes, that pirates stole the statue of a black Madonna, and then began to sail across the Mediterranean when a storm arose and a voice was understood saying, “Put down! Put down!” This frightened the pirates so much that they disburdened the Madonna at the nearest village, Positano, and hurried on their way. The statue may now be visited at The church of Santa Maria Assunta.


"/“Capri” is the name of the island as well as the city within the island. The city of Capri is the island\’s main population turf. Once arriving to this magnificent destination, rocky outcrops, sheer cliffs and high hills welcome you. Here you can expect to be visited by all types of creatures including: quails, blackbirds, robins, woodcocks, geckos, red goldfish, conger eels, sargos, groupers, mullets, peregrine falcons, and the blue lizard of the Faraglioni. When on location, be sure to visit the popular Charterhouse of San Giacomo. It is a captivating complex with a museum highlighting some of Capri’s history.


Romance yourselves, or simply relax and enjoy the experience of gentle lapping waves and picturesque views of buildings clinging to cliffs at this magnificent yachting destination.



To wrap Italy up in one phrase, it would be, “Un Devono Andare,” A Must Go! The cuisine, the architecture, the history, the wild and marine life, EVERYTHING, is reason enough to book your next yacht charter!!








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