VAROULKO- Michelin Restaurant in Athens

The Chef of the fine restaurant, Varoulko, is Mr. Lefteris Lazarou, the first Greek Chef that received the Michelin Star award! Born in 1952, Mr. Lazarou is considered one of the most famous Greek chefs. 

Participating as a judge in the Greek tv show, “Master Chef,” for two consecutive years now, he shares his expert advice to new, up-coming chefs! 

At the age of 15, he began traveling to several countries with his father aboard a cruise ship, where he worked in the kitchen. This is where he discovered his true calling, and true passion for cooking. He had to learn to adapt to new ways of cuisine making and branch out to different people\’s nutritional needs.

In October of 1987, Varoulko was opened. His inspiration was the desire to have a "boat on land, a kitchen that would never be rocked by the waves."

In Varoulko, Mr. Lazarou offers wonderful dishes, but he specializes in fish plates and sea food creation plates. 

The restaurant is located near the center of Athens, in Kerameikos, and is certainly worth visiting. This location was chosen due its specatcular view! Access to this restaurant is simpe, no matter where you are traveling from in Athens.
Vaoulko is a fine dinning area that will please the most difficult food critic! 



Visit the Restaurant Site.


“According to a poet, Greece is made out of a boat, a vineyard and olive trees…“

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