Visiting the Capital of Greek Civilization: Athens



Visiting Greece at least once in a life time is considered one of the GREATEST traveling experiences!


Once landing in Athens, you will immediately feel the Mediterranean climate soothing your senses! You will instantly feel the sun having a positive impact on your soul and body!


There is no time to lose! Before visiting the Greek islands, visit the capital of Greece. Take a transfer to your hotel and get going! The capital of Greece awaits you, to offer you a great knowledge of the ancient civilization!


It is recommended you chose a hotel that is not in the heart of the city, but around the center, with a proximity of 2-3 kilometers. This is to avoid traffic and crowds. There are beautiful hotels of 3-5 stars around the area. Choose a walking distance to the major sight seeing areas of the capital.


The most interesting areas to visit are:


Acropolis: “the sacred rock.” – the connection between ancient and contemporary civilization. The monuments stand there from the prehistoric period up to the ancient times. On the mountain of Acropolis you will find Propylea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon, the Caryatids!


A must see is the Theater of Herod Atticus which was built in 161 B.C. The Festival of Athens takes place in this theatre every summer. More than 5,000 spectators enjoy all of the events that take place in this theatre.


Arios Pagos or otherwise called Court of Cassation, is the most ancient Court in the World!


The Acropolis Museum was inaugurated during the summer of 2009. It hosts collections across three levels: the “ Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis” , the “Archaic Gallery” and the “Parthenon Gallery.”

Every Sunday and Saturday the museum welcomes visitors to its virtual reality theatre that presents 3D video screenings!


Walking further from the museum along the pedestrian road, you arrive at the Ancient Agora. In the Agora you will have the opportunity to meet with the workings of Classical Athenian Democracy.


Via Ermou Street you will end up in Kerameikos, the area with impressive tomb sculptures!


The heart of the historical centre is Plaka and Monastiraki. You can walk through the narrow streets and enjoy shopping! There are more than 2,500 shops of all kinds and a traditional bazaar.


Syntagma Square, the Parliament,  the Monument of the Unknown Soldier , Zappeion, the National Garden and the Kallimarmaro Stadium are also places worth visiting.



Enjoy panoramic views of the City during the day or at night from: Lycabettus Hill, Filopapou Hill, Anafiotika in Plaka and Kaisariani Hill.


In the center of Athens you can also find jewelry shops with unique jewels of Greek style and more. Shopping malls like attica are also worth visiting.

In Greece, gastronomy is a way of communication . A way to talk to the heart of the people.  The Greek hospitality is known worldwide!  International scientific studies show that Greek diet has positive effect on a person’s health, beauty and longevity.

Greek cuisine has some important secrets: good quality fresh ingredients, correct use of flavourings (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity. 


You can find in Athens many tavernas with traditional MEZEDES with ouzo and other local wines. If you prefer Greek high quality meals you can also visit restaurants that have awarded chefs as follows:





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