Yacht Vacations for Clients With Disabilities

yachts for disabled

It’s not common knowledge that many large and smaller private yachts can accommodate persons with limited mobility, in fact we have arranged many yacht vacations for clients with disabilities. It’s basically a myth that the disabled are somehow excluded from these marvellous experiences on board a chartered yacht.

Many of our professional captains and crews are more than capable, and very experienced in managing the kind of special attention that is required for boarding and navigating a wheel-chair, for example, inside a multi deck yacht.

Fold up wheel chairs can be used for shore excursions, for example. Crew members are always willing to help make the experience hassle-free and AMAZING.

Perhaps some of the smaller sailing vessels would not be suitable for this type of charter given the ropes, lines and other hardware on deck, however, most motor yachts and their crews are comfortable with this situation.

In fact some yacht owners themselves or sometimes one of their family members, require special attention – so they have built in equipment, like special boarding facilities and elevators inside the yacht. Many of these were designed into the yacht at the time of construction so they are fully compliant.

Let us help you to find the perfect yacht for your family. Here at Absolute Yachting, we know the yachts and crews that have the right facilities and experience to accommodate all kinds of situations and issues.

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