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Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
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Absolute Yachting is the outcome of Christina Papadopoulos’ hard work, devotion and passion for yachting. In the yachting industry since 2002 and loyally serving her clients with outmost professionalism and confidentiality, Absolute Yachting has extended its services with the launching of the Sales and Purchase Department.

For us at Absolute Yachting, the entire process of you purchasing your yacht is a unique and ultimate team effort. With our expertise, experience, global database of yachts, professional relationship with owners, designers and shipyards, we guarantee that the perfect yacht for you will be found!

Our support begins with helping you to choose which yacht best meets your needs, determining if you want a luxury yacht for private use, charter or a combination of both. If the yacht you are interested in is pre-owned, brand new and/or even a trade, we will be by your side every step of the way assuring that all actions are in the right direction to ensure that your purchase will keep you happy for as long as the yacht is in your care.

With a vast variety of yachts worldwide, we have many yacht options to examine together and this may be fun, but challenging if we haven’t prepared ourselves with certain questions such as:

·    What type of yacht do you need? (I.e. Mega Yacht, Motor Yacht, Motor Sailer, Sailing Yacht and Catamaran?)

·         What length should your yacht to be and why?

·         What speeds do you wish your yacht to have?

·         Any specific make or model in mind?

·          What age range are you interested in?

·          Do you wish to have a custom built yacht?

·          How many staterooms do you wish the yacht to have?

·          Type of hull material?

·          Open yacht or with fly-bridge?

As soon as you’re certain about the yacht type you have chosen or decided upon, your next step will be to contact the team of Absolute Yachting. Our sales department will present to you an extended selection of yachts that meet your criteria and shall keep on bringing yachts forth until you find what you are looking for.

Once the yacht is found, we will assist with price negotiations, survey, inspections, repairs, maintenance, and paperwork, all throughout the final signature on the Bill of Sale. The team of Absolute Yachting may even propose that you Try Before You Buy, meaning that you have quick cruise on board the yacht to experience life on board.

Building your own yacht is another option! Again, the team of Absolute Yachting will help you to discover the world of yachts so you can construct your own vessel.

Absolute Yachting will help you to discover the world of yachts so you can construct your own vessel. For such an intense and exciting project to be a success, it is imperative to unite in a compatible manner the proper shipyard, designer, project management,  legal and financial advisors. Shipbuilders are found worldwide and each has their own customary way of building using their own techniques, style and materials. However, the sales representatives at Absolute Yachting will guide you through each shipyard based upon your requirements and expectations and will make sure that your yacht will be meticulously crafted with the highest quality materials available and consult if your yacht should be constructed out of wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass depending on your needs and purposes.

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