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Mykonos Greece Vacations - Yacht Charter


Mykonos Greece Vacations. The Greek island is part of the Cyclades group of islands. It lies in the Aegean sea. "Aegean" is not just one of the many seas on our planet. It was, and continues to be, the geographical point at which one of the greatest civilazations on earth was born many thousands of years ago. The etymology of the name "Aegean" can be found in the Homeric vert "aisso", meaning to jump. The word "aix", meaning goat, derives from this verb, as of all of the animals that man has tamed, the goat is the one particular animal that jumps. The ancient Greeks metaphorically called large waves "aiges". "Aegean" therefore, means wavy. If you enjoy feeling the spread of the waves Yacht Charter in Greece is the perfect way to spend your Mykonos Greece vacations! Absolute Yachting is a yacht charter broker company based in Greece. We specialize in luxury boat rentals in the island of Mykonos, in many other Greek Islands and worldwide. Yacht charter vacations in Greece offer you a perfect mix of sun, sea, sport, entertainment and culture. If you are inspired by ancient history and want to discover the place where civilization was created choose luxury charter onboard of one of our yachts. Contact us in Greece and we will organize your sailing holidays! Absolute Yachting provides perfectly peronalized service giving you precious advice on where to start or end your charter, where to stop, what to visit and much more.

Greece is one of the most visited places on earth. Are you interested in learning more about this area? The term Aegean as a geographical point that refers to the entire area that is washed by its waters and includes not only the islands, but also the mainland of the Greek peninsula as well as the coast of Minor Asia. This area combines a wide variation in its climate with a geographical environment that favours the development of unique ecosystems. Moreover, by joining three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, the Aegean has become the meeting point of these cultures. This is why Greece Boat Charter became very popular among sailing tourists from all round the world. The creation of the Aegean culture was greatly influenced by the liquid element: the sea, which cuts off and protects from external invasion, but also unites those who have the means and dare to cross it. From its very early stages, the Aegean ceased to be simply salt water, "the als", as it is studded with islands. It became the "pontos" (bridge) and the "poros" (crossing point). The fact that these words can be found in early ancient Greek texts means that the liquid element had come under man's control much earlier served him accordingly. Archeological evidence confirms this hypothesis. Visit Mykonos onboard of our sailing yacht and experience the charm of the Aegean!

The majority of the islands in the Aegean sea are grouped together in small archipelagos and have in part formed societies with many common characteristics. These characteristics may differ from archipelago to archipelago, or even from island to island according to the opportunities for communication with their neighbours in the opposite mainland. At the same time the islands act as bridges for communication from the western to eastern Aegean, and from the northern to southern Aegean. Boat charter cruises offer its guests an interesting opportunity to discover many different Greek islands, their similarities and differences.

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The Cyclades, scattered as they are in the Aegean, contribute more than any other group of islands to dividing the big sea currents of the Aegean into smaller ones, therefore resulting in a wide range of sea circulation. Considering the fact that, as it is with all the islands, the closest land has great economical and cultural impact upon the islands, and also taking into consideration that the Cyclades are spread out over a large area along the mainland coastline, it is to be expected that the nature of the islands' culture will differ to a certain extent according to the mainland area with which they maintain close relations. Many tourists each year choose crewed boat charters in Greece to spend their sailing vacations and enjoy Mykonos and other Greek Islands.


Mykonos Boat Charter Sailing Holidays



Mykonos is located in the middle of the Aegean sea between Tinos and Naxos and constitutes a single administrative area with Delos, Rhenia and the surroundings islets. It is 94 nautical miles away from Piraeus and its surface area is 85 sq. kilometres. It is an island without steep mountains and rocks. Its single morphology with the low hills, where the settlements of Mykonos spread on top of them, is its main characteristic.


The history of Mykonos seems insignificant compared to the wealth of findings in the neighboring island of Delos and in the other islands of the Cyclades. The construction activity during the last years though that has been expanded in mountain peaks and untrodden small streets, sheds light to more data regarding the history of the island which is not mentioned by the ancient authors. More and more Greece boat charter tourists visit Mykonos not only for its famous beaches and nightlife but for discovering its ancient history too.

The granite mass of the island, which seems as if it was thrown in the fields of Mykonos countryside, was identified in the antiquity with the "giants" battle between the Olympian Gods and the children of Gaia who were fighting for the power of the world and consitutes the uniqueness of the Mykonos landscape. The giants lie defeated underneath the rocks that were throuwn by Athena and Hercules. Another myth relates the name of Mykonos with the one of Aiantas Lokros who was punished by Poseidon for showing disrespect to the Gods in Troy. In his returning trip to his home, Aiantas drowned. The wreckages of his ship and the hero's body were washed ashore in the north side of the island.

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Yacht Charter in Greece - Mykonos Beach


Mykonos is scarcely mentioned in the ancient sources in contrast to the coverage of today's media. In the classical times, the term Mykonios Geiton was probably an insult as it was referring to the poor and the annoying neighbor that comes uninvited to the symposiums. The poorness of the land forced Mykonos people to search their luck in the sea. However, many kept themselves occupied in the island of Delos, which was one of the most important sacred places of Ionians. Nikolaos Svoronos, the famous numismatist of Mykonos had identified the most known occupations of antiquity, but today we have a clearer picture of the past especially after the recent excavations.

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People started to settle down in Mykonos probably in the prehistoric times during the Middle and the Late Neolithic Period, as the surface findings in the region of Kalafatis and Panormos indicate. The excavations were started by the professor and then Curator of the 21st Ephorate A. Sampson in the eighties in Ftelia, which is in the northern region. The existence of a Neolithic settlement had been discovered by the archeologist and later Curator of the Acropolis Kostantinos Tsakos back in the seventies. The settlement, which was built near a mine of porous stone, gave samples of settlements with food oddments from the fireplaces that were traced in the region and they gave us new information about the flora and fauna of the Cyclades in the prehistoric times. It seems that there were forests and perhaps deers in the region back then.

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After the Stone Age the islands entered to the Copper Age. It was the time when first the Minoan and then the Mycenaean civilizations were formed and in the third millennium the Cyclades are regional stations of these civilizations. Another important finding came to light by an excavator's grab in 1991. A Mycenaean tomb was discovered in Aggelika peak that is above the port and the mainland of the southwestern part of the island under a granite rock, an indication of some wealthy lords burial of the 1500 B.C. The stone built circled tomb had a path in it and follows the standard shape of the tombs of the Mycenaean period. It had a lot of pottery with paintings of the famous Mycenaean jewels made of local clay. Golden necklaces and rings made of quartz crystal are among the findings that have not been exhibited in the museum yet. These findings and much more historical evidence are waiting to be discovered by yacht charter guests during their Mykonos sailing holidays.



In the so-called Historic Period the ancient people of Mykonos settled down in two regions. First was the Kastro of Chora in the western part of today's city. Layers of habitations had been discovered dating back to 2000 B.C. and continue to be found nowadays, in the excavations at Mavros building behind the old school of Chora in 2004. As excavations in the surface indicate, the second region of settlements of the antiquity was in Palaiokastro region near today's settlement of Ano Mera.

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Excavations in Chora have indicated the place where the cemetery of the 6th century B.C. was located. The big ceramic jar with figures on it which is exhibited in the Mykonos Museum was found by chance during the excavation of a well in 1959 in the yard of the weaver Viennoula from Mykonos and it was probably a child tomb of the archaic period. The decoration on the neck of the pot describes in a unique way the story of Ilion conquest by the Greek with the Trojan Horse.

The Museum is situated above the old port of Mykonos and it was built in the beginning of the 20th century to house the findings of the archeologist D. Stauropoulos discovered during the excavation of the tombs of Rhenia. From Herodotus reference to the Peloponnesian war it is known that Rhenia was the cemetery of Delos people after the purification of Apollois sacred in 426 B.C. The few findings from prehistoric tombs in the region of Aghios Ioannis Diakoftis in the south of Mykonos and the pottery of the Archaic Period were the only things discovered in the island until the eighties of the 20th century and these objects are also exhibited in the Museum.

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Dionysos and Dimitra sanctuaries were discovered in the countryside in the south of Mykonos and a new sanctuary of Apollo was also found during an excavation in the northern part two years ago. Furthermore, the granite doors of a Hellenistic tower stand have been found in Portes over the region of the well known beach of Platis Gialos. That tower was probably part of a defensive tower system of that time. In the Roman times the island was connected directly to the port of Delos which developed into one of the most important trade harbors in the Mediterranean with flourishing economic and cosmopolitan character and probably looked quite like modern Mykonos. Mykonos proximity to the sacred island of Apollo and the excavations of the French that started in 1873 are some of the reasons why the island became a worldwide famous tourist resort. Each summer many tourists choose Mykonos Greece yacht charters for visiting the ancient place. Boat rental holidays offer luxurious flexibility for discovering new islands.

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The visitors back in the sixties were using the boats from Mykonos to visit the sacred of Apollo and the ruins of Delos. Many artists and literary people who were visiting Mykonos at that time, were charmed by the architecture of Chora and the hospitality of its people. This architecture which was created by the need of the people and the know how of the stone craftsmen was admired even by the French architect Le Corbusier. This craftsmanship and the practical knowledge that is vanishing today through the swirl of development and the new materials, is a heritage of a tradition which is connected with antiquity. The architecture of the city of Delos rests in the secrets of this craft that has to do with the schist process saved today in the city the so called Chora of Mykonos. The squares and the small streets of the city of the 2d century B.C. have the same atmosphere as the narrow streets of Chora in Mykonos.

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In the sixties the Archaeology seat was situated in Mykonos and thanks to N. Zafeiropoulos who was curator of the antiquities, the Ministry of Presidency that was then in charge of antiquities had been persuaded to place the islands of the Cyclades under a special protection rule. The purpose of the measure was to protect the character and the special features of the traditional settlements of the Aegean from uncontrolled construction and development that follow mass-tourism. It took at least 10 years for the value of that measure to be recognized by the people.

Each place is tied up with the needs and practices of local people. These people sometimes are wise enough to defend their homeland and other times the place is exploited by them. Today the tourism of the island has a completely different character. However, the soul of the island, for those who are familiar with it, is hidden in the corners of Chora away from the crowded places and the noise of the modern life. The history of the place will continue to be revealed step by step and only to the visitor who is interested to seek for it.

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The local dialect of Mykonos is characterized by a peculiarity. The word chorio (village) is not a synonym of the word oikismos (settlement) as it for most Greek people. The definition of the word chorio for the locals is: a traditional farm house in a natural basin that has little land for cultivation. So, when the people of Mykonos refer to the word chorio (village) they are talking about a separate unit, different house built in the rocks and with limited ground sources of the island. Mykonos therefore, has hundreds choria (villages) and only few oikismous (settlements). Chora is the only historic settlement of Mykonos.

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At first, walking through the cobble streets of Mykonos you may be lost. Small, mazy and snow white streets which can lead you each time to a place different from the others with its own special characteristics. Each neighborhood has a surprise for every visitor. It does not matter if everyone thinks that the beauty of the so familiar landscapes of Mykonos is printed on a cart postal. The reality will surprise you and will fill your senses, as every trade mark of the island for which thousands of visitors arrive every summer, will reveal its unbelievable beauty in real dimensions.

The picturesque windmills are well positioned in the east end of Chora and are imposingly raised over a small hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. Today, Kato Myloi, as the location is called, may be the most famous sightseeing of Mykonos but in the beginning of the 20th century people were using them for their jobs. With the north wind as their ally, the windmills were grinding the grains without stop and supplied the ships, which were traveling in the Aegean with rusks.

Once you leave Kato Myloi, walk by the coast you will get to Alefkantra and you will be able to see the unique beauty of Little Venice exactly in the opposite side. The small square white houses which seem to pop up from the sea with their colored wooden balconies that nearly click the wave offer a breathtaking view. There you can definitely enjoy one of the most magnificent sunsets of Greece.

As you continue your tour by the coast you will arrive in the district of Castro where Panagia Paraportiani, the jewel of Mykonos but also the jewel of all the islands of the Aegean is. The church is built on the ruins of the medieval castle of Mykonos and is located in a privileged place of Chora overlooking the rocky coast and to the absolute blue of the sea. Not far from the church you will find the Folklore Museum of Mykonos and a bit further the region of Gialos.



Gialos is the picturesque small port of Chora where the fishermen moor the boats. It is also the departure point of the boats that organize daily tours to Delos. Exactly to this point the city hall, a neoclassical two-floor building of the 1780, is located and next to it you will find the building of mavros which was the first school of Mykonos and was built in King Othon time. After Gialos the road leads to the port of Mykonos. Above the port, in a dominant position, you will find the Archeological Museum with Cycladic pottery exhibits of the Geometric Period.


Even if you decide to leave the sea behind you and go deeper in Chora, the tour will definitely reward you. You may not be able to see the blue color of the sea anymore, but the white of the houses takes the lead and gives the sense of harmony in the traditional Cycladic architecture. The whitewashed yards with the blue windows, the hundreds small churches with the red domes and the paved streets are full of life.

In Tria Pigadia you will find the Aegean Maritime Museum and the Lenas House which is part of the Folklore Museum. The region was named like this because Tria Pigadia (three wells), which were there until 1957, were the only source of water in Chora.

In Matogianni, perhaps the noisiest district of Mykonos, you can walk, look the shop windows and go shopping as the market is a good as the one in Athens.

Most banks have branches in Chora, where you will also find many ATMs, pharmacies, post office, drycleaner shops, laundries and internet cafe.


Where to eat- Camares, La Casa, La Rosticceria, El Greco

Where to go shopping- Ilias Lalaounis, Mastiha shop, Megas, Precious Tree, Scala Shop Gallery, Tellino

For car rentals- Kosmos rent a car, Quattro rent a car

For beauty treatments- DG nail & skin care

Ano Mera

Yacht Charter in Greece


Ano Mera is a big concentration of choria ( villages) in the eastern side of the island. Ano Mera is a settlement with peculiar characteristics which was developed in a big extent and is a crossroad for many of the northern and the southern beaches of the island. The monastery of Panagia Tourliani, right under the square, is the connection point. After your visit to the monastery, make your next stop at one of the traditional taverns in the square where you can taste the local cuisine but also fine meat. The visitors who are not fans of the lively night life can find recreation moments in the traditional cafes, restaurants but also in the modern hotel infrastructure of the region. Not far from the centre of the settlement in the north is the Monastery of Palaiokastro which is built on visible ruins of an ancient fortification.

In Ano Mera you may find pharmacy, super market, stores with traditional products and taxi station. The settlement is 8 km away from Chora and it is connected with frequent transportation.

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Mykonos Greece


It is only 4 km away from Chora and has been developed in such a way that today is characterized as a tourist settlement. In order to get there you will have to pass first through the bay of Korfos. Once you arrive in Ornos you will be impressed from the many big hotel facilities but also by the smaller lodgings with a good sense of taste. The small leeward port where you will see fishermen boats and yachts to be moored is the attraction of the settlement. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts of Mykonos with many restaurants, cafe but also many choices for night life. The beach of Ornos is one of the most popular beaches of the island and is highly recommended for those who wish to combine relaxation, excellent services and luxury without the need to go far away.

Platis Gialos

Mykonos Vacation


It is 4,5 km away from Chora and was gradually developed around the beach which shares the same name and offers all the amenities for a pleasant stay. For many visitors it is not by chance a favorite place to stay in Mykonos as proved by the very well organized hotel units, the good restaurants and a beautiful and organized beach with sea sports. It can be easily accessed both from the land and the sea as the boats that go to the rest of the southern beaches of the island depart from there. The combination of the services indicates that Platis Gialos follows the modern tourist development of the island. However, the old rural houses, the reeds and the scaled cultivating slopes keep still the rural character of the greater region alive. On the left of the central road to the settlement it is worth noticing the ruins of the ancient tower at Portes.



Agios Stefanos

Greek Island Sailing


It is 3 km away from Chora and is located very close to the port of Tourlos. It owes its name to the small church that is built in the edge of the bay where it the top of it you will see the settlement. Due to the regular summer visits of the islands people, Agios Stefanos is one of the first regions that were developed outside Chora. The accommodation, the food and the entertainment amenities that this place offers along with the beautiful view to Tinos and Rhenia, satisfy the demands of all visitors. An important detail that makes Agios Stefanos so special is the fact that it raises over the very beautiful bay which shares the same name and is well protected from the winds. As a result the bay never has waves.




Agios Ioannis is only 6 km southwest of Chora and it is located perhaps in the most privileged position of the island as it has a panoramic view to the sacred island of Delos. It is a sandy beach that is not a typical cosmopolitan place in Mykonos. However, this does not mean that you will find it empty!



Capari a wonderful sandy beach with beautiful blue waters and surrounded by rocks, next to Agios Ioannis. It also has a magnificent view to Delos and is the perfect beach for those who wish to enjoy swimming alone. You will go there by car. You will see earthly paradise after crossing Agios Ioannis beach in the end of the rough road.



Psarou- in the road to Platis Gialos you will find a sign which will lead you to Psarou, a place where famous and non-famous people meet. You can also go to the beach by boat. It is a wonderful beach with golden sand and blue waters, a place for all those who worship Mykonos. It is said that the food and beverage services as well as the sea sports that are offered in the beach are highly competitive to the ones of the five starts hotels in Athens. However, it is only for few and lucky people who will be able to rent a beach chair. It would be better for you to be informed before getting there especially during August.



Paraga Agia Anna Paraga is another beach on the south of the island on the east side of Platis Gialos accessible by boat and car and well protected from the north winds. The rocks to one side of the beach provide a special charm while a diving rock pecking from the deep crystal waters is the perfect place for the most adventurous ones. The beach has been exploited in the best way possible. Even though it is crowded throughout most of the season, it keeps a special character in relation to the other beaches of the island that attract many people.

Kalamopodi ( Paradise) - Kalamopodi is one of the most famous southern beaches of the island, with sand and blue waters only 5,5 km away from Chora. It is accessible by car or by boat. The music from the beach bars will accompany you no matter the time of the day. It also has a camping that has given life to the beach since 1969. If you wish to explore the sea bottom, scuba diving is one of the many choices that you have in this well organized beach.



Plintri ( Super Paradise) It is perhaps the most famous beach of this island with smooth sand and crystal waters and it is only 6,5 km away from Chora. If you are in the mood to have fun rather than swimming then you are in the right place. It is probably an earthly heaven for those who arrive in Mykonos for non-stop dancing and drinking day and night. It is a daily beach party with ample dance and drinks which is successfully organized by the spread beach bars. You will get there either by boat from Platis Gialos or by car.

Other beaches to visit: Agrari, Elia, Kalo Livadi.

Nothern Beaches: Fokos, Ftelia, Agios Sostis, Panormos, Choulakia.





Entertainment in Mykonos does not mean night life. The frenzy rhythms of the famous cosmopolitan bars and clubs of the island may carry you away in an endless spree until the rising of the sun. There are no strict dress code rules as to end up dancing in some of the historic clubs of Chora with your swimsuit and sunglasses it is just how things work in Mykonos

The night clubs of Mykonos are so many and so different from one another that will undoubtedly draw your attention, each for its own different reasons. Make a stroll in Chora after 8 pm and you will feel something dragging you like a magnet and carrying you away as you pass outside the clubs. In the first morning hours, when is time for thinking, count all the clubs that you passed by the previous night. You will definitely lose counting

All the bars of Mykonos were designed with love and care and they have their own reason of existence. Some of them are meeting places for those who meet on the island every summer. These are places where all friends will come across accidentally as they drink their coffee after swimming.

In the bars of Aleukantra and Mikri Venetia you can make your first stop to enjoy the magnificent sunset by drinking tasty cocktails in the small tables on the sea or in the wooden balconies of the Venetian district. If you wish more intense rhythms you can enter in the indoor places of the bars where the music is quite loud for the time.

As the laws of the island do not allow you to stay on the same place all night and the night has made its appearance for good, make a walk to Matogianni. There you will find bars with beautiful decoration, many people and a great variety of music. You can listen Latin, Roc n Roll, house, mainstream, music from the 80s and Greek music in all the bars from the consoles of the experienced DJs who left the night life of Athens and raise the fun for good in the island of the winds. If you are lucky enough to find a free table in one of the few and very small ones that are in the entrance of the bars on the street you may enjoy your drink by watching the mass of people as it passes in front of you.

If you visit all the bars and you still have energy, then you must dance until you say no more in the mega clubs of the island where people dance on the tables and bars with Greek and foreign hits.

There are also bouzoukia in Mykonos for all those who love live music until morning. Dance in the sounds of bouzouki with gillyflowers on your table and sing until morning.

Fast food shops stay open all night long for those who are still on the streets until dawn. Try to relax for a while after eating. Hung over after such a frenzy night will definitely be unavoidable. Rest and gain your strength as the fun starts again under the hot sun in the most famous beaches of the world, so you should no lose time in bed!





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