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Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
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How to Look For a Quality Vessel?

How to look for a quality vessel and what it takes to do the right choice?


Searching for a quality cruising vessel can be some times a difficult process , as there are numerous of chartering yachts Worldwide...

As a start, it is important to have the following details handy: preferred destination, type of vessel, number of guests and an approximate budget. When this information is there, the search is much easier!

Is it better to do the search on your own, or it is preferable to be addressed to a Professional party, such a Yacht Charter Broker?

Many clients think that getting a significant discount from an owner or a the most important issue. The truth is that this alone, involves a high risk. The main reason is because an owner would never be objective about his vessel, versus other yachts. He would never mention to a client that his yacht has some mechanical challenges... or that the crew is not the best... And these...are not the only disadvantages when dealing directly with a boat, a captain or an owner!

Yacht Charter Brokers protect your transaction in many ways, such:

  1. They give you a rich selection of yachts, carefully selected, inspected already by them. Thus, they have a "deep" knowledge of the condition of each vessel, and they know her crews. Professional Yacht Charter Brokers visit the boats regularly. They participate in the major Boat Shows Worldwide and interview the crew members. They have their way of gathering the right information on each yacht they propose to clients and they do not offer yachts randomly.
  2. Yacht Charter Brokers are more objective. They want to have repeated business, and they reveal the real story of each yacht. They have nothing to hide, they want your business again and again, and they look forward to your references! They aim to your total satisfaction so you can become a loyal client. Therefore, they want you to hire the best yacht, and they strive for excellence.
  3. Yacht Charter Brokers are members of reputable Associations. Being a member in a Yachting Association involves serious prerequisites. The qualified Brokers do not risk their reputation to the yachting Associations and they obey International Yachting Rules.
  4. Brokers have access to ALL chartering vessels Worldwide. They also have the advantage to use powerful contracts to protect the consumers, the charterers. ABSOLUTE YACHTING usually uses the MYBA contract. The most powerful tool for you, when booking a yacht! Myba contract is made by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers' Association.
  5. A Yacht Charter Broker can give you assistance at all times, versus a captain who is busy or an owner who is same, with other activities.
  6. Yacht Charter Brokers replace your yacht in case of accident or in other cases, and make sure your holidays are not affected negatively by unforeseen incidents. Nobody else can do this, as only brokers know the availability of other vessels and can act immediately to find you a solution.
  7. The Yacht Charter Brokers at ABSOLUTE YACHTING are on call 24/7 so you can have the best service. They can organize your cruise from a to z, all you have to do is give them the details of your needs.


How you can book a yacht through ABSOLUTE YACHTING:

Please choose your destination and the type of yacht you wish to have. How?

Click on the home page, on the pictures of the yachts you see vertically in the middle column, as they are separated in destinations.
Then please, chose your type of vessel and you can view all quality chartering vessels in your chosen destination! There is a vast selection of yachts! Their specifications, their pictures, rates and description are all there!

If you find something that interests you, you can contact our charter specialists by sending an email or by calling through our toll free numbers! An expert will answer to you immediately!

Please note, you can send us emails through each page of our site, or by visiting our booking section, or our contact page! It is easy!

There is no obligation; we will send you a free quote with available yachts suitable for your needs immediately!

After you receive your free offer, you will have plenty of time to study it. If there are some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or via phone!
For booking through our site, a discount will be granted to you, no matter what size of yacht you chose!

Trust the Charter Specialists at ABSOLUTE YACHTING. One of the leading Yachting Companies Worldwide!

Looking forward to receiving your queries!

Fair winds!


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