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Greece Boat Charter
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7 days sailing route along Dalmatian coast ( route 2)

solta29m.jpg1 DAY : Start out from Necujam on the island of Solta ( about 9 miles from Split). You can anchor the boat in the middle of the bay or on one of the knots on the sea front by all the other boats, At the end of the bay of Necujam there are two smaller bays, Piskera and Naslinica, both worth visiting.





2 DAY :

rogoznica_30r180.jpg After a good night's sleep and a morning coffee, set your sails and head towards Rogoznica. Rogoznica - FRAPA marina: On the way to Rogoznica take the route along the sough side of the island of Solta towards the bay of Krnjasi on the island of Veliki Drvenik. Two islands, Veliki and Mali Krnjas form an amazing Lagoon in the bay and it is ideal for swimming. The bay is well protected from the north winds and the bottom of the sea is sandy. After arriving in the bay of Rogoznica we recommend anchoring at Razanj, the small fishing village on the south side. There is also the famous FRAPA marina in Rogozinca itself. It is said to be one of the most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic, with excellent facilities and good restaurants.While here be sure to go and see the Zmajevo Oko, ( the Dragon Eye) the famous sea water lake, just a couple of hundred meters behind the marina.


3 DAY :

zirje_3.jpg Leave Rogoznica today and head for the island of Zirje, where, according to legend, the Ilyrians Queen Teuta had her harbor. You should be sailing to the bay of Stupica Vela, which is around 15 miles from Rogoznica. The bay is protected from all winds except the Jugo ( the south wind). You can anchor on the sandy bottom of the sea or on one of the buoys.




4 DAY :

kornati.jpg Sail on along the south side of the island of Zirje towards the famous national park Kornati. On the way from Zirje, the first big island you will pass is Kurba Vela. Leave it to the north. Continue sailing towards the Kornati channel past the islands of Kameni Zakan and Ravni Zakan where you will find excellent places to swim. You can continue sailing toward the Piskera marina, if you want to spend the night in one of the ACI marinas. Alternatively, if you prefer something a little more remote you could anchor in Lavsa.



5 DAY :

piskera.jpg Kornati archipelago - ACI marina Piskera: Today you can start to sail through the astonishingly beautiful Kornati islands. However, to enter the national park you will have to buy a ticket. There are innumerable little bays for swimming, and beautiful landscapes. You aim should be: first the bay of Telascica on Dugi Otok , and then the bay of Mir where you will find an amazing lake , very nice for swimming in. Towards the evening you should be sailing back to the bay of Vruja, the biggesyt inhabited place in the Kornati Archipelago. You can anchor the boat in the middle of the bay. At the end of the bay there is very well known family restaurant, famous for its seafood specialties.




6 DAY :

primosten.jpg This is the penultimate day, and there is a long journey ahead of you. You will be sailing towards Primosten. The route you should be taking is - through the Kornati Archipelago, towards the island of Kakan and Kapri ( there are some good spots for swimming around there) and then on to Prinosten.Town of Primosten: The old part of the town of Primosten was built on the little island attached to the main land. It is still surrounded with the city walls. The new part of Primosten stretches along the coast, just off the island.





7 DAY :

split_1.jpg The last day of your journey will take you back towards Split. On the way to Split there are a few little bays worth visiting on the islands of Drvenik and Solta ( the bay of Maslinica on Solta is particularly worth visiting).Split - ACI marina: In the evening you should be anchoring your boat in Split ACI marina, the same marina from where you set out. We recommend spending your evening looking around the old town of Split.

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