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Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
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Greece Boat Charter
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Day 1-- Athens - Kea
cyclades14-1.jpgAn exceptionally picturesque island. On the south side of Nikolaos Bay - which was a pirate stronghold in the 13th c. - is the little port of Korissia, built on the side of ancient Korissia. There are remains of the ancient town walls and a Sanctuary of Apollo. The famous lion - carved from the native rock in the 6th c. BCE - can be seen just north-east of Kea town. Another highlight is the beautiful anchorage of Poleis. Vourkari is a small bay with many traditional taverns, small shops and bars and is certainly worth a visit.


Day 2 -- Kea - Mykonos
The most popular island of Cyclades Group, famous from the international jet set visitors and the celebrating atmosphere which is overarching the island.
A very active night-life in combination with beautiful beaches and excellent restaurants.

Day 3 -- Mykonos Samos

cyclades14-3.jpg A gorgeous, verdant place, which at one point is no more than 2 km far from the coast of Asia Minor. It is covered with pure white sand beaches,
picturesque villages, fishing harbours and it is famous for the production
and the quality of its wine. The essential beauty of the nature, the historical
sites that are spread all over the island and the charming

mountainous landscape of Samos create a unique atmosphere which enchants the visitors and carry them in nother era. In an era of myths, heroes and philosophers. it is believed that it was nhabited as far as back as the Neolithic years (3rd millennium BC). Historians say hat the first colonists of the island were Phoenicians, Leleges and Carians and also mention the Pelasgians, who brought to the island the worship of the goddess Hera.


Day 4 -- Samos Patmos

cyclades14-4.jpgThe "Jerusalem of the Aegean". It has a strong religious past because t is where Saint John the Divine had its revelation and wrote the Apocalypse.
Patmos used to be an important place of pilgrimage and belonged to the Church.
From this unique past, the impressive Monastery of Saint John and signs prohibiting nude bathing and topless are remaining. Patmos has many beauties to offer to visitors. Above the port, there are cube like houses which spill down its flanks. Interspersed mong them are miniscule churches and grand sea captains' mansions, separated from each ther by narrow lanes, high walls and small squares opening onto breath-catching views ver the Aegean.

Day 5 -- Patmos Leros
cyclades14-5.jpgIt is said that ARTEMIS, the ancient goddess of hunt, chose Leros to set up er throne. Leros, like most of the Greek islands, is an island of small fertile alleys sandwiched between rolling green hills, deep coves and pretty beaches. Its topography has given rise to many villages with neoclassical buildings and narrow lleyways. In the old traditional buildings in Agia Marina, Platano and Lakki the hree traditional markets of the island you will find fresh vegetables and fish, taverns, tourist shops, gold shops and boutiques.

Day 6 -- Leros Kos

cyclades14-6.jpgOne of the most touristic places in Greece. The fact that the climate is mild
most of the year, taken together with the long hours of sunshine, the vast beaches,
the enormous historical interest and the attractiveness of the city of

Kos have gradually raised the island to the level of an international tourist centre. The remains of the ancient city of Kos are scattered throughout the town of Kos. Other buildings include the Stoa (Colonnade), which housed Hippocrates medical school and the Bomos r Great Altar (3rd century B.C.), which was decorated with sculptures attributed to he son of Praxiteles .The most famous beaches of Kos are: Marmari, Tigaki, Kardamena, efalos and Mastihari.

Day 7-- Kos - Astypalaia

The westernmost island of the Dodecanese but truly and deeply Cycladic,
Astypalea is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean, with beautiful beaches,
a remarkably picturesque Hora and most importantly, friendly people.

The island is shaped like a butterfly, where the western island is more beautiful and with better beaches and places to visit. The terrain is mostly dry, mountainous, with rough roads leading to nice beaches with crystal clear and cool waters.Astypalea has a long history, anging from the Protocycladic times, to the Golden Age and the Athenian Alliance, to he Roman times, the Byzantine times and lately to the Venetian rule, the Turks and the talians, where in 1948 it was reunited with the rest of Greece.

Day 8 -- Astypalaia - Santorini

Many reasons have made this island famous worldwide. Its great wines, the international
and local cuisine but most of all, the villages which are situated on cliffs and offer
breathtaking view over the submerged volcano. The island also has impressive beaches with the sand of tour choice: black, red or white! Thira together with the smaller islands
of Thirasia and Aspro are part of a volcanic crater, which has been engulfed by the sea. In the centre are the Kammeni islands, the cones of later volcanoes, which came into being n historical times. Hot springs and emissions of gas bear witness to continuing volcanic activity.

Day 9 -- Santorini - Folegandros
cyclades14-9.jpgFolegandros is an island of the south Cyclades. It took its name from the mythical hero Folegandrus, son of King Minos of Crete. In the last five years Folegandros has become a preferred destination for tourists seeking quiet vacations. Many young people visit the island every summer, since it offers the natural beauty of a cycladic island, along with the marvelous view and beautiful beaches. The following places are definitely worth visiting while you are on the island: Hora - The capital of the island, built on top of a cliff and offering a breathtaking view of the Aegean. Karavostassis - The port of the island and a modern resort village. Agali - A small fish village ideal for quiet vacations. Vardia, Katergo, Agali, Livadi and Agios Nicolaos beaches - They are the main beaches of the island.


Day 10 -- Folegandros - Milos
cyclades14-10.jpgMilos Greece is a wonderful island of the Cyclades, Aegean, full of surprises,
charms and beauties. It is mostly known for the Venus of Milo (Aphrodite) and its
rich natural resources. It is unique for its astonishing lunar landscape which creates unbelievable and imposing rocky formations coloured in deep red, brown or glimmering white.
Those fantastic hills and rocks are often emerging from a turquoise sea, boarded by fine golden, white or grey sand. Villages and small towns are charming and very attractive. The main town is Adamas.


Day 11 -- Milos - Sifnos
cyclades14-11.jpgThe principal port on Sifnos is Kamares, which is very well sheltered. From there roads lead to the must-see places along the coasts and indeed these also proof beautiful anchorages and should really be visited by boat. The medieval village of Kastro - with remnants of its ancient walls - but also the bays of Faros, Vathi and Platis Gialos are absolutely worth exploring: ranslucent turquoise water, combined with good taverns. However, the best restaurants can be found in Apollonia.

Day 12 -- Sifnos - Paros
cyclades14-12.jpgConsidered as one of the most beautiful island of the Cyclades. Three bays cut deep
inland - in the west the sheltered Paroikia Bay, with the island's capital that serves as the main sailing port. In the north the bay which shelters the little town of Naoussa, which in Roman times was the island's main port for the shipment of Lychnites marble; and in the east the flat Marmara bay.Paros is also known in Greece for its ideal weather
conditions for windsurfing.

Day 13 -- Paros - Syros
cyclades14-13.jpgConfident about its beauty and its finesse, with a harbor that is a landmark in Greek history, Siros is ready to seduce and lure you to its unique rhythm. The flight is but a few minutes by plane will bring within approximately 30 minutes to this wonderful island, and offering you the luxury to have ample time to explore it.However throughout the trip, with the ship or the Catamaran (4 and 2 hours corresponding) you will prepare yourself psychologically for the unique moments that you will spend on the island that will surely remain unforgettable. When the trip reaches its end, the first thing that you will encounter will be the wonderful harbor of Siros at whose pier ships that would bring progress and culture to the island had anchored. Thanks to this Siros experienced growth in all levels even in the area of fashion. The women of Siros were the best dressed, since the clothes they wore were of the latest style in Paris.

Day 14 -- Siros - Kythnos
cyclades14-14.jpgAn unspoiled island. The coast is much indented - with many beautiful anchorages and ports - and for the most part falls steeply down to the sea. The two charming inland villages, Chora (Kythnos town) and the lively little Dryopis, can best be visited by scooter or bike. The two main ports are Mericha and Loutra. Mericha - only minutes sailing away from the oddly shaped Sandbar Bay is the smaller of the two. Loutra on the north-east nowadays even has a new harbour with new moles providing the best protection from the Meltemi on the island.

Day 15-- Kythnos - Athens

The Capital of Greece. Within the sprawling city of Athens it is easy to imagine the golden age of Greece when Pericles had the Parthenon (the most eminet monument of the ancient Greek architecture) built.Athens is built around the Acropolis and the pinnacled crag of Mt. Lycabettus, which the goddess Athena was said to have dropped from the heavens as a bulwark to defend the city. The suburbs have covered the barren plain in all directions and the city is packed with lively taverns and bustling shops.

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