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Greece Boat Charter
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Ionian Islands Sailing Charters

Ionian Islands - Greek Island Sailing


The Greek Ionian islands are located to the West of the mainland. They are traditionally called "Eptanissa", the "Seven islands" which are:

Kerkyra or Corfu - Paxoi and Antipaxoi - Lefkada or Lefkas - Ithaki - Kefalonia or Cephallonia - Zakynthos or Zante and Kythira.

Here are some interesting itineraries for Ionian Islands sailing suggested by Absolute Yachting:

Ionian Islands Sailing - 7 days charter

Ionian Islands Sailing - Corinth - Corfu - 15 days charter

There were Greek settlements on the Ioanian islands as early as 1200 BC. The islands were struck by an extremely powerful earthquake on August 12, 1953. The damage to the buildings was extensive and the islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos were practically levelled. Most houses were reconstructed over the following years under a strict building code. The code has proven extremely effective as the numerous earthquakes since that time have caused no damage. The Ionian islands are easily accessible by private yacht charter boats. A lot of spots are unspoiled and untouched by tourism. Secluded beautiful anchorages, spectacular scenery, good sailing conditions. The waters are turquoise blue. All that will offer you unique Yacht Charter in Greece vacations.

Corfu Greek Island Sailing


Kerkyra or Corfu in English, is the 2nd largest island in the Ionian Sea. The island is connected to the Greek mythology. Poseidon brought his loved one to the island and named the island after her name "Korkyra", which gradually evolved to Kerkyra. Corfu's capital city has officially been declared a Castle city by the Greek government. The old town stands on the broad part of a peninsula. It is a town full of paths, narrow streets paved with cobblestones, colourful and clean. These streets are known as Kantounia. A promenade rises by the seashore towards the bay of Garitsa, together with an esplanade between the town and the citadel spianada to its west where lots of restaurants and bistros are located. Palaio, Neo Frourio are definately the places to visit as well as Ano - Kato Plateia, and the music Pavillion, Palaia Anaktora and gardens, Old city and Pontikonissi. There are numerous archeological sites and museums to visit such as Archeological Museum, Byzantine Museum, Banknotes Museum, Solomos Museum, Kapodistrias museum, etc.

Saint Spyridon is the keeper of the city. Corfu has a long heritage in music and arts. Many festivals take place on this island all year round. The tradition of celebrating Easter in a unique way, is a great festivity and is famous all over the world. Tourists and locals fest the Easter in a special way, worth seeing. A number of movies have been filmed in the island, including the James Bond movie "For your eyes only". Corfiotes, the local people, have a long history of hospitality to foreigners. Thus, many people choose to sail to Corfu to get to know her beauty. Her clean waters, beautiful beaches, the night life, style, culture and traditions attract millions of tourists every year who enjoy their unconcerned Greek Island Sailing holidays.

If you come to Corfu with your luxury private charter yacht, your captain will certainly bring you to Marina Gouvia, which offers a comfortable stay, close to Corfu town. Another beautiful marina is Benitses. Corfu offers a variety of beaches. On the west side beaches are sandier, while the east has calmer waters. The best ones are: Sidari, Kassiopi, Glyfada, Pelekas beach and Barbati beach!

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Yacht Charter in Greece

Paxoi is an unspoiled island, part of the smallest group of Ionian isalnds Paxoi- Antipaxoi. Famous for its wine and two of the finest beaches in the Ionian. Exploring the isalnd by private yacht charter, stopping to swim is some of the greatest pleasures while sailing in the Greek Ionian islands. The smaller island Antipaxoi boasts beautiful sandy beaches and swimming pool- blue waters. A private yacht charter in these Greek islands is a must.

Greek Island Sailing


Lefkada or Lefkas. On the west coast of Greece, connected to the mainland by a long causeway and a floating bridge. The German archeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld having performed excavations in Lefkada said that Lefkas was Homer's Ithaca and the palace of Odysseus was located in the town of Nidri. One of the most famous beaches in the island is Porto Katsiki. Others: Egremni, Gialos, Kathisma, Milos. The island is exceptionally unique. Her beauty atrracted the multimillionaire Aristotle Onassis , who purchased an island ( Scorpios ) just across from Nidri, Lefkas.

Ithaki Ionian Islands


Ithaki or Ithaca. The capital Ithaki, has one of the largest natural harbours in the world. Many structures on the island were destroyed in 1953 by an earthquake. The island has been inhabited since the 2nd millenium BC. The island was occupied by the Romans ( 2nd century BC) and later by the Byzantine Empire. Then the Normans, the Turkish and by the Venetian hands. Ithaca was also occupied by France . The first people to inhabit the island, are unknown, and this was during the last year of the Neolithic Period. The most wondeful beaches to visit by a private sailing yacht charter or a private motor yacht charter are: Afales Bay, Frikes, Kioni Bay, Ormos Gulf.

Cephalonia Sailing Holidays


Kefalonia or Cephallonia : It is the largest island in the Ionian Sea. The island is after the mythological figure of Cephalus. The capital is called Argostoli. There is room for 100 small charter sailing boats or charter motor yachts in the harbour. The most important natural sight is the Mellisani and the Drogarati cave. Kefalonia is also known for its endangered loggerhead turtle population which nest in Kaminia beach. The film Captain Corelli's mandolin was filmed in Kefalonia. The book is believed to be inspired by the village Farsa. Mirtos is the most famous beach with a major number of tourists coming from all over the world. Other beaches are: Antisamos, Emblissi , Fiskardo, Foki Beach, Platis Gialos, Petani. In Kefalonia , luxury private cruising is very popular and many luxury private yacht charters moore and make nice anchorages near the island.

Ionian Islands Sailing Charters


Zakynthos or Zante: This paradise on earth suffered a series of four severe earthquakes in August of 1953 . As a result, we had a total destruction of the island's infrastructure. Only 3 buildings on Zakynthos remained standing : the St Dionissos Cathedral, the National Bank and the church of Ag. Nikolas. The rebuilding of the island was based on to a rigid anti-seismic code, which has been proven to be very safe. There are lots of interesting places to visit in Zakynthos. The island is uniquelly beautiful, with nice traditional villages and wonderful beaches. In the village of Lagana there is a migraton of loggerhead sea turtles. Each year in the month of June, July and August the turtles lay their eggs on the beach. This is a protected beach, watched by the ecologists at all times. The most famous beach in the island is Navagio ( shipwreck) , with fine volcanic sand, truquoise crystal waters and the remains of the ship. Other popular beaches to visit would be: Kalamaki beach, Alykes, Tsillivi beach. The access to the island by private charter boat is easy. It is a very popular sailing destiantion and many people choose to visit Zakynthos for their charter sailing vacations in Greece. Your stay on board of a luxury private yacht in Greece and especially when visiting in Zakynthos will be a memorable one!

Kithira Greek Island


Kythira: For many centuries while naval travel was the only means of transportation , the island had a strategic location . Since ancient times the island was the crossroad of merchants, sailors. As such, the island was influenced by many cultures . You can see this element in the architecture of the buildings. In ancient Greek mythology, Kythira was the island of Aphrodite, the Godess of Love. The capital, Chora, is on the southern part of the island . Kithyra has many beautiful villages, beaches that someone can go to by a luxury private yacht or a small charter sailing yacht... No matter how you choose to cruise... this location will be always a unique memory!

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