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Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
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Greece Boat Charter
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Leeward Islands Charters


The Leeward Islands are the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles. They are great destinations you can visit on your private charter boat, and they can offer you tranquility, relaxation or high life with English, French or Dutch cultures. Interesting areas to visit: St. Martin/Sint Maarten, Antigua, Saba, St. Bart’s. The latest one is the place of the “rich and famous”, a stop you must do during your charter!

St. Martin/Sint Maarten Yacht Charters

The population of St. Martin is approximately 35.000. The population in Sint Maarten is around 34.000 people. The languages spoken in St. Martin are French, Dutch and in Sint Maarten, English, Creole. Spanish is also spoken in both sides.

The French territory is a part of Europe and the European Community. The Dutch part of the island is a part of Netherlands Antilles, but not part of the European Community. The island is a fantastic place for yacht holidays on our exclusive St. Martin yacht charters, with lots of pleasures to offer such night life, white sandy beaches, fine dining, inland exploring .
Marigot, the capital of French St. Martin offers European style spots such restaurants, good shopping, etc. You can book our St. Maarten boat charters for your cruising vacations.

Philipsburg the capital of the Dutch Sint Maarten is also a fantastic place to visit, with lots of interesting places to go and do things.

St. Martin/Sint Maarten


Anguilla Motor Boats

This island is one of the tax haven islands. 25 kilometers long, and 5 kilometers wide, it is a holiday paradise! The capital of the island is The Valley.
The earliest Ameridian artifacts are dated around the 1300 BC and there are remains of settlements dated around the 600 AD. The dates for European discover is uncertain. Some say it has to do with Columbus and some others say it was discovered by the French in 1564.

Anguilla is noted for its spectacular and ecologically important coral reefs and beaches.
Average annual temperature is in the 80’s. July until October is the hottest period and from December to February the coolest.

When you charter a mega boat, cruise to the north side of Anguilla where you can see cays with beautiful palms, great sandy beaches, and you can enjoy lots of sports such: snorkeling, diving, kayaking, etc. The Cap Juluca Resort is a wonderful place in Anguilla, worth visiting.



Saint Barthelemy or St. Barts Yachts

It is a beautiful volcanic island, full of swallow reefs, with the capital Gustavia where mini –moke rentals are available to drive around.Enjoy your luxury yacht vacations by hiring a St. Barts yacht charter. The ancient history of the island dates to about 1000 BC.
The climate in St. Bart’s is tropical, with temperatures to average from 76 to 86 Fahrenheit. The driest months are December through May. Grande Saline Bay provides temporary anchorage for small vessels. There are many reefs in the area. The coastal line abounds with beaches and offshore reefs, some of them are part of the marine reserve that was founded in 1999 and covers more than 2500 acres of protected habitats, bays and islands. Some of the places are only allowed to be visited by scientists that do their observations.

There are many public beaches, and 15 of them are suitable for swimming. The beaches in the leeward side have calm waters and the others in the windward side are popular for surfing.
Other beaches to visit are: St. Jean, suitable for water sports, the Long Lorient beach which has shade, the Grand-cul-de-sac is a long beach with facilities for water sports. Anse Toiny beach is a remote location where the current is very strong. Many surfers are going here. The island is rich in terms of flora and fauna. The aquafauna though is exceptional and when you go diving or snorkeling is it is a great pleasure.

Gustavia, is beautiful and has lots of things to do and see. The city has a network of roads, inherited from the Swedish period, that are laid in a grid pattern, which are either parallel or perpendicular to the three main roads that encompass the bay.

Visit the: Église catholique de Gustavia, Musée Territorial de St.-Barthélemy, Gustavia Lighthouse, Le Manoir de St. Barthélemy and the forts. The island has more than 70 restaurants that represent different cuisines; many of the restaurants offer gourmet cuisine.


Saint Barthelemy or St. Barts



Saba Motor yachts

The population of the island is only approximately 1500 people, coming from all over the world. Most families are rich heritage of Dutch, African or Scottish origins. On the island there is a medicine school, the Saba University School of Medicine, which was established by American expatriates in co ordination with the Netherlands Government. The school has approximately 300 residents. The environment of the island is mainly composed by fern forests, damp soil and mango trees. Back in the ages there were many mahogany trees, but now they are considered to be at risk of extinction.

The island today is known for the tourist sector. Ecotourism is very popular on the island Saba. Scuba diving, hiking, climbing are popular activities here for the tourists. It is a place for peaceful holidays, far away from the care’s and worries of the every day life in the big cities. It is unspoiled island, pure and original. It is the diving paradise for those who love scuba!



Barbuda & Antigua islands boat

Antigua is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations, is a British base under Lord Nelson. The island is the biggest one among the Leeward Islands and hosts many mega yachts under the Antigua Yacht Club! It has so many beaches, you can choose one to visit for every other day of the year! Many charters start and end here, and there is a large selection of yachts you can chose from : motor yachts, mega yachts, sailing yachts, luxury catamarans.

Antigua is the one island ,that with Barbuda consist one nation, the area of Antigua and Barbuda. The islands are ideal for yachting holidays, they are in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and they are full of natural attractions, beauties that will amaze you!

The renovated colonial –era base of Nelson’s Dockyard attracts yachts from all over the world. It is dated back to 1743 . Around the area there are lots of restaurants, galleries, and other shops. There is also a small museum here, where you can see Nelson’s telescope.

The English Harbor was a famous naval base and home to the British fleet during the Napoleonic Wars, it is now a historical place visited by many tourists every year!

The sandy beaches are beautiful and the whole island offers many things to see and do. You can easily spend one week in Antigua and Barbuda on our Leeward Islands charters.

In Barbuda, you can have your Captain arrange a tour into the Bird Sancuary to maybe see the migrating Frigate birds and their vivid red mating signals.


Antigua & Barbuda

Saint Kitts & Nevis Motor Boats

These two islands are a Federal two –island nation, in the West Indies. The capital is Basseterre , located on Saint Kitts. The two islands are part of the Leeward islands.Get on board our Leeward Island mega yachts and cherish every single moment of your charter vacations!

The current name of "Nevis" is derived from a Spanish name Nuestra Señora de las Nieves by a process of abbreviation and Anglicization. The meaning is “ our lady of the snows”. It is not known who gave this name to the island, but it has to do with a fourth-century Catholic miracle: a snowfall on the Esquiline Hill in Rome.

The islands are of volcanic origin with large rainforests in the middle of them. The population is located near their coast, the habitants live near the sea. There are some rivers on the islands and a small lake on St. Kitts.

On both islands there are lots of sandy beaches, they are perfect places for relaxation and nature admiration.


Saint Kitts & Nevis



Guadeloupe Motor Boats

Guadeloupe’s two main islands look like the wings of a butterfly and they are joined together through the Grande –Terre, Guadeloupe’s main resort area. Here there are lots of visitors coming every year to enjoy their holidays. The beach towns around, offer a variety of things to see and do. The climate in this spot , is dry.

Basse-Terre is the home of a National Park, and the underwater Jacques Cousteau reserve is an interesting place for visitors. Lots of hiking trails, around the highest pick which is “ La Soufriere” an active volcano. For those that like fine dining and tasting new things, in this area there lots of gourmet restaurants.

Terre de Haut reminds people of South France. Here the people trace their roots from the early seafarer Norman and Breton colonists and many of locals have light skin and blond or red hair. This island is the most cosmopolitan Guadeloupe island, with Engish spoken language, due to many yachts and sailors that arrive here all the time. There are lots of diving centers in the area, the island is also known for its sugar and rum… as well as for its rainforests and secluded beaches.



St. Eustatius Yacht Charters

On this beautiful Caribbean island there is only one town, Oranjestad.
Statia has a great diving life, as the water here is warm and the underwater volcanic fissures give the area a great diving selection.Have a wonderful diving experience on board our Leeward island charters!

The dormant volcano Quill is a tourist place an attraction to many people that visit St. Eustatius. The island has a Medicine University , University of St. Eustatius and in majority, American , or Canadian students come and study here. Also some other students arrive, so this school is a financial source for the island.

The national parks of St. Eustatius, comprising the Quill/Boven park, the Botanical Garden, and the Marine Park, are all under the control of the non profit foundation STENAPA.


St. Eustatius

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