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Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
Greece Boat Charter
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Yacht Charter in Croatia

 Croatia is a very popular sailing destination. Its hot and sunny summer climate, beaches and clear blue waters attract many visitors after year. There are more than one thousand islands in the Adriatic Sea, many of which are uninhabited.

Croatia yacht charter is the perfect way to visit the islands and the major coastal cities. It is the best way to explore the area and enjoy new experiences!

Rent a Boat Croatia

Adriatic Sea is a "heaven" for sailing yacht charters, and in general for luxury yacht charter. You can select among small size sailing boats, large size motor yachts, motor sailers, catamarans and gullets. Mega yacht rentals are also very popular for sailing in Croatia. Absolute Yachting is a professional yacht charter broker company providing crewed boat charters, according to your own needs. You can choose from a selection of vessels:


If you love the sun, the sea and you are a water sports enthusiast, rent a boat in Croatia, as this is the perfect place for you to be during your summer sailing holidays!

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The country has lots of sightseeing attractions including archeological sites, six World Heritage Sites and eight National Parks. The history of Croatia is turbulent and the monuments, structures and archeological sites testimony to that. The night life on the islands is very interesting and there are many great local restaurants, bars with live music and pubs.


You can start your cruise from different locations:

Dubrovnik nowadays is a picturesque charming walled city, but 500 years ago it used to be a major maritime city. The Franciscan Monastery Museum in the walls of the city is a place to visit. It has a touch of the Middle Ages. The traffic-free old town has narrow streets, where you can find fine restaurants, coffee and tourist shops. Arriving in Dubrovnik by the sea is impressive! You absolutely must stop here when you rent a boat in Croatia. Contact Absolute Yachting for booking charter yachts in Dubrovnik now!

Split is the largest Dalmatian city and one of the oldest towns on Adriatic Coast. Traditionally Split is considered to be just over 1,700 years old, while archaeological research relating to the ancient Greek colony of Aspálathos (6th century BC) establishes the city as being several hundred years older. It is perfectly preserved and the most important economic activity here today is tourism. The majority of gullets and sailing yachts of the Adriatic are based in the main port of Split. The town offers many attractions and has nice small restaurants, and shops. Contact Absolute Yachting to charter a yacht in Split.

Trogi s a historical town and a nice harbor on the Adriatic Coast. Since 1977, the historical center of Trogir has been included in the Unesco list of the World Heritage Sites. Trogir has a fascinating 2.300 years of continuous urban tradition. Its rich culture was created under the influence of ancient Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. The town has a high concentration of palaces, churches, and towers, as well as a fortress on a small island. The most important places to visit are: the historical city core with more than 10 ancient churches, the city gate, city walls, the Duke's Palace and the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. Send us Your Inquiry if you wish to plan a cruise on a private yacht in Croatia!

Pula is the largest city in Istria country. The city is best known for its many surviving ancient Roman buildings, the most famous of which is its First century amphitheatre. It is among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world and is locally known as Arena. The Twin Gates (Porta Gemina) is one of the few remaining gates after the city walls were pulled down at the beginning of the 19th century. The Gate of Hercules dates back to the first century. At the top of the single arch one can see the head of Hercules. Other places to visit in Pula are: Augustan Forum, the Roman theatres, the Byzantine Chapel of St. Mary Formosa, the archeological museum of Istria and many more! The city's old part has many narrow streets lined with Medieval and Renaissance buildings. These streets are still surfaced with ancient Roman paving stones. The coastal waters in Pula offer fishing, snorkeling, wreck dives and, of course, beautiful beaches. It is a magnificent area! Contact Us for yacht charter along the Adriatic coast!

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