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Amazing holidays, incredible service At Absolute Yachting, we live and breathe a life on the ocean wave. And we want to share that passion with our customers. So whether you are looking for an affordable way to charter a small yacht for a sailing adventure, or have a bigger budget to work with, we can create the perfect package for you.   We have been championing yachting holidays for over a decade and are committed to crafting exclusive vacation packages for every customer. We’ll treat you as an individual and listen to your needs throughout the process.   We are members of many respected industry bodies, including the International Yacht Brokers’ Association. This means you can have total confidence in our services and the organisations we partner with to provide our charters.   We have built our business over the years, starting with yacht charter in the Mediterranean and expanding to other hot spots around the world, including the Caribbean and the Bahamas.   We believe that our customers should be at the helm when building their yachting experience. You can rent a boat to sail yourself, hire a skippered or crewed yacht, or book a cabin in a larger vessel. The choice is yours.

What We Offer

  • Unique packages built around your needs and budget
  • Peace of mind with fully inspected vessels
  • Help from experienced, friendly staff who know yachts inside out
  • Access to vessels of all sizes, from single sail sloops to luxurious superyachts
  • Yacht charter in a range of popular destinations, from Greece and Turkey to the Caribbean and beyond

About Our Founder

Few people are as fiercely engaged with the yachting scene as Christina Papadopoulos, who has spent years helping people to enjoy incredible getaways around the world. Having travelled extensively and developed an interest in yachting, she decided to make it her career. From managing vessels directly to helping connect holidaymakers with reputable operators, she has fostered the business and enabled it to flourish. Absolute Yachting was founded to allow others to experience the joy that Christina gets from being out on the water herself. And with thousands of approved vessels on our books and a long list of satisfied customers, our company has gone from strength to strength under her stewardship.  

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