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As your premium yacht charter brokers, we know exactly how important it is for you to find the right yacht rental for your dream vacation. That’s why we pride ourselves in being your seafaring partners, helping you ensure that every moment of your trip is planned to perfection.

From finding the right type of vessel, to advising you on the best getaway locations for the experiences that you’ve been searching for, we’re here to ensure that you have an easy, stress-free journey from the moment you start planning to the last leg of your trip.

  • No Matter Your Needs – We’ve Got You Covered

    Over the last 16 years of customizing private yacht charters, we’ve cast our network across the world’s best holiday destinations and built up an exquisite playbook of private yacht charters for you to choose from.

    Whether you’re looking to sail the high seas with a high-speed vessel or explore a mesmerizing lagoon on an enchanting catamaran, we’ll help you leave your troubles by the shore with nothing short of the best yacht charters.

    Every yacht on our books and every crew member on them have been personally reviewed by us to ensure that we’ve left nothing to chance – so that you’re left with an experience that’ll have you dreaming of the next one.

  • Our Luxury Yachting Agreement

    From the moment we first connect, we promise to provide you with:

    • A Wide Range Of Luxurious Yachts That Are Vetted For Quality
    • Access To The Best Vacation Destinations In The World
    • World-class Service With A Personalised Touch
    • A Passionate Team That Love The World Of Yachting
    • An Eye For Quality And Attention To Detail
    • A Chance To Experience A Luxury Getaway Like Never Before
  • So how does a yacht charter broker work?

    Just think us as being a bridge between the vacation of your dreams and the exquisite yacht that you need to experience it. With our extensive playbook of luxury yacht charters to choose from, we’ll look after you every step of the way from the minute you start planning to the moment you set sail.

    The best part? Our premium charter broking services are absolutely free.

Meet The Founder Of Absolute Yachting

With a fiery passion for the world of yachting and a mission to deliver world-class service, Christina Papadopoulos has been leading the helm of our yacht charter broker company – helping world-travelers experience the best that the ocean has to offer.

An avid traveler herself with a love for the world of yachting, she launched Absolute Yachting with a vision to help her clients experience the surreal beauty and all encompassing experiences that she feels every time she’s out on the open water.

That’s why she takes pride in going that extra mile to deliver world-class service – no matter their needs – so that her clients have that same exquisite experience. Whether it comes to finding the right vessel or organizing the perfect itinerary, she’ll leave no stone unturned until she finds the perfect solution for you.

It’s her drive to personally approve the thousands of yachts in our books and her passion to serve her clients that’s left her with a 16-year history of happy clients and raving testimonials.

From celebrities, executives and the VIP’s of our world to the casual group of friends and family who’re looking for that one in a lifetime experience, Christina’s helped thousands of getaway dreams come true – and she’ll make yours a reality too.

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