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Sailing out of St. Thomas!  (yacht charter near you)

The US Virgin Islands is an ideal destination for a Caribbean yacht charter vacation. It is well-known for its natural beauty, excellent snorkeling sites, and perfect year-round weather. Visit islands like St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John and discover secluded bays with postcard-perfect  beaches  which are only accessible with a yacht charter!  There is plenty to look forward to when exploring this charming archipelago in the Caribbean Sea.

Day 1

Kick-off your US Virgin Islands sailing yacht itinerary from Banner Bay’s Point Marina, a quaint marina located away from the busy St. Thomas cruise traffic. Feel free to grab a refreshing drink at the nearby Dive Bar that also offers delicious burgers and snacks before we embark on our US Virgin sailing adventure. You could also pay a visit to the Red Hook, or start your charter here, it is a beautiful  marina dotted with many cute island-style shops, bars, and restaurants.

Day 2

Your first stop on this yacht charter vacation is the picturesque beach at Magens Bay in St. Thomas that was named by the National Geographic as one of the best ten beaches in the world. With about a mile of soft white sand and crystal-clear waters, Magens Bay offers ideal conditions for swimming thanks to its secluded shoreline and calm waters. Along the rocky coast, you will find a beautiful place for snorkeling. As for water sports, kayaking and paddle-boarding are extremely popular here at Magens Bay. Our yacht charter guests will be happy to hear that on this beach, you could also buy tasty burgers and pizza!

Day 3

The plan is to sail to St. John along the north shore and stop for a snorkel at Hawksnest before heading to Francis Bay, where you will be spending the night. St. John may be the smallest of the main US Virgin Islands, but its unspoiled beauty is a sight to behold. It is home to a fabulous national park and has some of the most amazing beaches in the Caribbean. One of these beaches is Hawksnest Beach, a short stretch of sand ideal for families with children. There is a beautiful snorkeling reef with excellent elkhorn coral just a few steps from the shore. Picnic tables and barbeque grills are also available at Hawksnest Beach. We will also be visiting the famous Maho Crossroads, a pop-up village with food and a bar. Located just across the street from the Maho Beach, this mini-beach oasis boasts a convention food truck, a cute tiki bar, and a few stores. It’s a beautiful place to get a refreshing drink and enjoy spectacular views of St. John.

Day 4

In the morning, our US Virgin Islands yacht charter takes us to Waterlemon Cay and Leinster Bay, where some of the best snorkeling sites can be found. Snorkel enthusiasts can look forward to the bays aqua blue waters that are home to sea turtles, orange and yellow starfish, and rays. At Leinster Bay, there is even a chance to spot dolphins. Located right off Leinster Bay, Waterlemon Cay makes for an excellent hiking destination with a few lovely paths where travelers can admire the tropical vegetation. For lunch, head over to Hansen Bay to taste the mouth-watering tacos from a floating restaurant called Lime Out. In the evening, we can either go to Salt Pond or Lameshur.

Day 5

On Day 5, we are visiting the charming Water Island. This small residential island located just off St. Thomas is famed for its unspoiled beauty and magnificent views. There is little civilization here, as there are no hotels, shops, or main towns. The island has a population of about 200 people and is an ideal destination for yacht charter travelers looking for peace while exploring the US Virgin Islands.  Whether you wish to relax on the island’s beach, enjoy activities like kayaking or hiking around the island, go on a bike tour, or explore remains of a military fortification, a visit to the Water Island promises to be a memorable experience. For lunch, we recommend visiting Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill or Dinghy’s Beach Bar & Grill. We will be spending the evening in Lindberg Bay with an optional dinner at the beachfront Emerald Bay Resort.

Day 6:

In the morning, sail back to Honeymoon Beach, which is situated between two coral reefs on the Caneel Bay. It’s one of the most popular St. John’s north shore beaches and offers amenities like kayak rentals, souvenir shops, bars and snack stands. If your idea of having a good time includes enjoying turquoise waters and soft sugar-white sand, you will  fall in love with this magnificent beach. The main activity today is exploring the national park.

Day 7:

On day 7 of your US Virgin Islands yacht charter adventure, we will be visiting the Christmas Cove on Great St. James. Located off the eastern coast of St. Thomas, the Christmas Cove is one of the most magical destinations in the area. Popular with charter boats, this cove is ideal for swimming around the anchorage, and close encounters with dolphins are possible. For lunch, we can order pizza delivery! That’s right. Restaurant Pizza Pi offers New York-style pizza delivery to Christmas Cove from their 37-foot sailing vessel.

Day 8

On the last day, we sail back to Compass Point Marina for disembarkation.

7 Days Grenadines Yacht Charter Itinerary

7 Days Grenadines Yacht Charter Itinerary

Day 1:

St. Vincent to Bequia which is Located 9 miles South of St. Vincent. It is a true Caribbean paradise with a stunning shoreline, golden-sand beaches, and slow pace of life. Whether you wish to check out the island’s shops at Port Elizabeth, watch turtles lay their eggs in the sand, or chat with local fishermen who are selling their catch of the day, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout the day.

Day 2:

Bequia to Mustique With only about 100 villas available for rent, Mustique is a low-key island which has managed to preserve its original windless and maintain all the trimmings of simplicity.

Feel free to explore the island at your own speed. Visit the stunning beaches, snorkel with turtles at nearby Tobago Cays, go horse-riding along the beach, and indulge in world-class spa treatments. You will also find dozens of luxury shops on the island, as well as a couple of elegant dining establishments where you can go out for dinner.

Day 3:

Mustique to the Tobago Cays

A paradise of five small islands with heavenly lagoons, crystal-clear waters, and coral reefs full of colorful fish. This idyllic yachting anchorage is also one of the best places in the Caribbean for snorkeling and diving. The coral here is just amazing, and you will have an opportunity to see dozens of parrotfish and sea turtles.

Day 4:

Tobago Cays to Mayreau

Do you want to visit the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines which is only accessible by boat? Fortunately, we’ve included the beautiful Mayreau Island to your yacht charter travel itinerary. Blessed with natural beauty and little development, this secret treasure of tranquility and peace is all about that ultimate relaxation. You won’t find luxury resorts here, only friendly locals and a few beachfront bars where you can chill after a day spent on picturesque beaches and bays.

Day 5:

Mayreau to Petit St. Vincent

On Day 5, we set sail to a small island tucked away at the bottom of the Grenadines. Welcome to Petit St. Vincent, an exclusive private island where visitors come to switch off entirely from the world outside and enjoy the breathtaking paradise that surrounds them.

Petit St. Vincent is also home to a five-star PADI dive center, which means that you will have an opportunity to go scuba diving at the nearby reefs. There is a nice hiking path which is full of local orchids and trees, and the powder soft white sand beaches offer ideal conditions for swimming.

Day 6:

Petit St. Vincent to Carriacou

Our adventure continues and takes us to Carriacou, one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean. There are no big cruise ships or souvenir shops here, just unspoiled deserted beaches and offshore cays.

The island offers an ideal hideaway for leisure travelers who wish to escape from all the hustle of overcrowded Caribbean islands. Expect to find many paths and bird-watching spots here, as well as the Tobago Cays Marine Park which is a turtle sanctuary.

In the evening, you can have dinner aboard your yacht or mingle with the locals at the La Playa Beach Bar where they serve pina colada and delicious burgers.

Day 7:

Carriacou to Grenada

We will be arriving on Grenada on day 7 of our yacht charter itinerary. Visit the bustling capital of St. George’s where you will find many shops and restaurants.

You can also go on a tour of the Belmont Estate cocoa plantation, admire the fresh waters of St. Margaret’s Falls, or wander down the narrow and busy streets along the waterfront. In the evening, you can relax in the flower-lined pedestrian plaza.

Day 8: Grenada


British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary – Aboard a Catamaran

British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary – Aboard a Catamaran

Day 1.

Start your catamaran charter vacation in St. Thomas, as there are direct flights from the US. Embark and sail towards Trunk Bay, St. John. Shop in old shops for souvenirs in St. Thomas, or at the shops along the Yacht Haven Marina.

The old shops used to be warehouses that supplied the sailors back in time, some centuries back. Trunk Bay is the home of an underwater National Park. Snorkel and learn about the beautiful corals and abundant marine life in the area.

Day 2. Tortola.

Another port that you could also use as an embarkation port if you like. It is a beautiful green island with fantastic beaches, spots for windsurfing and other water sports. Visit Soper’s Hole Wharf Marina, a place with excellent restaurants and shops.

Day 3. Norman Island.

Snorkel at the Treasure Point caves, at the fantastic snorkeling spot the Indians, Angelfish Reef, and Spy Glass. At Rainbow Canyon, you can swim with the sea turtles! The main anchorage on Norman island is the Bight, one of the best snorkeling places in the Bvi! Always carry a flashlight with you while snorkeling, especially when you are in a cave. Don’t forget to go up the hill of Norman island to take panoramic pictures!

Day 4. Peter Island.

Beautiful, tranquil spot. Home, of a five-star resort. Spend most of the day, relax and go scuba diving! Dozens of scuba diving sites are nearby.

Day 5. Salt Island.

Famous for the shipwreck, the Wreck of the Rhone, a great diving site! The royal steamer sunk in 1867. You can still see today, some artifacts there were onboard.

Day 6. Virgin Gorda.

The Baths were formed during volcanic eruptions. Protected area. These huge boulders form small pools and grottoes, and they separate the beach in many small beaches.

Day 7. Sail to Garden Bay in Tortola.

Amazing anchorage at the welcoming Cane Garden Bay beach. Fun during the day for everyone and at night becomes a nice bar scene with music for the adults. Quito Gazebo is the bar, founded by Quito, a musician that plays even today, a few nights per week.

Day 8. Jost Van Dyke.

Home of the most popular bars in the Virgin Islands. Foxy’s and the Soggy Dollar Bar, on White Bay. This bar does not have a dock, so prepare to get “ soggy” when you disembark your yacht to go to the bar! Foxy’s was created in the 60s by Foxy. The décor is funny, with T-shirts, hats! If you wear a funny T-shirt, don’t be surprised to leave without it, as they might keep it at the bar!

Disembarkation on St. Thomas

The beaches all around the island are astonishing! The most famous is Sandy Cay on Jost Van Dyke, Deadman’s Beach on Peter Island, Cane Garden Beach and Long Bay beach on Tortola.

If you are interested in scuba diving, your Captain will arrange Rendez-vous diving for you. A local company will meet you at your boat and will take you to diving spots.

In case you wish to fish during your charter, make sure you have a fishing license, you could obtain it from water sports shops in Tortola. The jet skis are banned in the British Virgin Islands.

When is it the best time to charter a yacht in the British Islands?

All year round!

The summer months are June to November, and the low rates apply. This is the hurricane season. During this time, we offer our clients, the hurricane addendum. With this, if applicable they can reschedule without cost! The winter months are from December to May. High rates apply with picks, Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.

Yacht charter vacations in the British Virgin Islands are very popular! It is suggested you hire your yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands, months in advance!