Breathtaking Alaska Yacht Charter

Discover the splendor and pristine glory of Alaska from the bow of your private yacht charter.

Your friends and family will make memories that will last a lifetime, as you drift through majestic fjords under the brilliant blue sky. Get close enough to grizzly and brown bears to photograph their massive, fishing paws.

Hear the lowing of moose and laugh at the sleepy harbor seals sunning on nearby rocks or the jumping porpoises swimming beside the boat. Your first encounter with a pod of colossal humpback whales will forever alter your perspective on what it means to share the planet with so many glorious species.

While you lounge on the deck and follow the eagle’s lazy circles in the sky, your expert captain will keep your journey on course and steer just close enough to the mammoth floating bergs to let you feel the spray of snowmelt in the crisp breeze.

Listen to the cacophony of birdsong and abundant forest life as the sun’s rays make the snowy mountain tops shimmer like diamonds. The slap of an orca’s tail will alert the sea birds to the presence of fish, and they’ll dive beneath the waves and fly off with their beaks full.

At night, snuggle up under a deck blanket with someone special to watch the awe-inspiring Arora Borealis and a sea of stars so bright, you’ll feel like you can reach out and grab them from the sky!

There’s no more romantic adventure than a visit to America’s Last Frontier, and there’s no better way to experience the most untouched natural habitat of so many species of wildlife and rare flora than from the safety and serene comfort of your private yacht charter.

Best yacht vacation destinations in Alaska

Though Alaska is most famous for its wildlife and untouched natural beauty, there are plenty of cultural attractions to visit on land, as well.

Juneau — the state capital — is home to the Alaskan State Museum, where you can learn all about the native population and the history of our country’s youngest state. Find out how to mine for gold and learn about the Alaskan Gold Rush when you tour the AJ Mine Gastineau Mill, then get your camera ready to capture the stunning views at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center or the spectacular Nugget Falls.

Swing from a canopy rope, or zip line through the rainforest in Ketchikan. Take a guided tour or guide yourself through Alaskan’s native history at Totem Bight State Historical Park, where you can see totem poles, carvings, and native American clan homes that will transport you back in time. See the Norwegian-settled fishing village of Petersburg.

Explore the Tongass Rainforest with a rented off-road vehicle or take a guided hike to learn about the indigenous plants and wildlife that populate the area. Take a stroll at Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park. There’s ample time for exploration during the peak tourism season when the sun remains high in the sky until well into the night.

You and your guests will have plenty to talk about over a glass of wine and dinner back onboard your yacht each evening!

When should you charter a yacht in Alaska?

Though abundant in physical beauty and adventure, Alaska’s prime tourism season is short—roughly four-and-a-half months due to the extreme climate. Chartering a yacht between May and mid-September will mean longer daylight hours and a comfortable range of temperatures in which to enjoy your deck and forays on land.

What is your chartered luxury yacht like?

Your spacious yacht charter will comfortably accommodate you and your guests during your stay, with well-appointed cabins, a first-rate captain and crew, and all the fishing gear and toys you need to ensure a perfect Alaskan vacation.

Pre-plan a menu and let us stock the kitchen and bar. Do your own cooking or have a master chef and hostess cook and serve delicious meals throughout your trip and focus on your great adventure. Alaska is the land of plenty—with more natural wonders, wildlife, and scenic panoramas than anyplace else in the U.S.

Exploring it by yacht means you and your guests will have plenty of relaxation, pampering, and fun!.


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