Caribbean Yacht Charters For Your European Vacation

Yacht Charters in the Caribbean Sea in 1492 when Christopher Columbus ran into these limestone landscapes, believing them to be the Indies in Asia, little did he know that he would change the course of history. The country’s 700 islands and 2400 cays for centuries were visited and used by pirates, rum smugglers and people searching to make profits from the natural resources these islands had to offer. Today, these islands also referred to as the West Indies; attract thousands of visitors from all over the world annually. Due to the astonishing topography, climate, natural environment and an indescribable underwater world are just a few reasons to visit; the rest of the adventure is up to you.

  • Belize Yacht Charters

    A beautiful laid-back paradise,Belize is home to many miles of remote, unspoiled beaches. It is a perfect location to experience scuba-diving, water sports, and yacht chartering in protected waters that are completely unparalleled in their natural beauty!

    One of Belize’s greatest splendors is the Mesoamerican reef, which makes it ideal for a yacht charter vacation

  • Grenadines Yacht Charters

    If your desire is to experience idyllic, exotic island life at its finest, there is no better way to do that than to charter a yacht in the Grenadine islands.

    This chain of white sand beaches on untouched, tropical islands is completely uncluttered by tourist exploitation.

  • St. Martin Yacht Charters

    The Leeward Islands are a favorite destination spot all year long, thanks to their warm weather, quiet harbors, and sunny beaches! A lot of the islands here are developed to a minimum so that you can thoroughly enjoy basking in the local island culture, while some other islands are full of modern attractions such as fine dining, exquisite shopping, and other tourist attractions.

  • woman on bahama beach

    Bahamas Yacht Charters

    There is a reason why the Bahamas are a favorite vacation destination for travelers — and an in-demand location for luxury yacht charters.

    With over 700 islands, the Bahamas offer a tremendous diversity of experiences — many of which are only accessible to yacht travelers.

  • british virgin islands beach

    British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

    Stretching across the exotic Caribbean, a British Virgin Island yacht charter opens a world of unchartered paradise with glistening turquoise waters, sun-soaked harbors and pristine white-sand beaches.

    With an allure that words couldn’t describe, its enchanting anchorages and spectacular scenery leave the most avid of travelers, breathless.

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