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Grenadines Yacht Charters

If your desire is to experience idyllic, exotic island life at its finest, there is no better way to do that than to take one of our yacht charters through the Grenadine islands. This chain of white sand beaches on untouched, tropical islands is completely uncluttered by tourist exploitation. Their sky-blue waters with all the natural beauty the islands have to offer makes for the perfect getaway destination to do whatever your heart desires surrounded by surrealistic island beauty.
Your trip through the Grenadines will start with one of the most popular Grenadian destinations – St. Vincent – and take you through several more popular islands, throughout which you are free to explore the more remote islands to your heart’s delight.
As you move from St. Vincent to Bequia, you will notice Bequia is one of the most perfect islands you have ever seen! Bequia is well-known for its stunning beaches and slow-paced lifestyle, which makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth. Bequia is a place that seems to have been forgotten by the modern world, so don’t be surprised if a pig and some goats cross your path as you are exploring its quaint and quirky shops!
There is little you can say about Mustique once you arrive there, but, “wow!” Mustique is the fantasy island playground of the rich and famous. Here you will find a ton of luxury shops and dining to keep your heart happy and fulfilled. If you idle around and sip a drink at the iconic Basil’s Bar, there’s no telling who you may spot there! Pure tropical perfection speckled by pristine beaches and manicured lawns await you in Mustique.

From Mustique, you can take your chartered yacht through the Tobago Cays, which is a collection of 5 uninhabited cays filled with beautiful coral reefs which are protected as a marine park. You can relax among the palm laden, crystal sand beaches or swim, snorkel, and scuba along with the friendly sea turtles and scores of colorful tropical fish who call the Tobago Cays home. The Tobago Cays are known to offer some of the finest underwater grandeur in all the Caribbean. Why not catch some lobster from your yacht and go ashore to enjoy a starry nighttime barbecue here, too?
Mayreau may be devoid of police, a school, or a hospital, but this doesn’t stop the locals from having a good time!Mayreau is well-known for being a party island. Part of the Tobago Cays national park, this party island is also quite breathtaking in its beauty!

Home to the Grenadine’s leading music festivals as well as its most vibrant carnival, Carriacou is one of the Grenadine’s most well cultured islands, as well as its largest. Carnival in Carriacou is a wild party that involves bodies covered in oil dancing in the streets tillthe early hours of the morning. Probably its most popular festival, though, isCarriacou’s Shakespeare Mas, where costumed men recite verses from the famous bard in pairs and bash each other with sticks if they mess up their lines. If it’s culture you’re looking for, Carriacou will leave you nothing short of breathless from indulging its rich island heritage.

As you move away from Carriacou to Grenada, you will be able to immediately pick up on the smell of nutmeg in the air. Grenada is well-known as the spice island, and it’s easy to see why with all its exotic scents in the air! Here you will find an enchanting island full of pure white sandy beaches, bountiful fruit trees, sunken treasures ornamented by sparkling coral, and unspoiled landscapes.
There is so much to see and do in the Grenadines, you will want to spend at least a week aboard your chartered yacht exploring all the sights and activities here! Luxurious white sand beaches speckled with bountiful flora, thriving cays and bays, passionate island culture, and more all await you when you take one of our yacht charters through the Grenadines!


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