Corsica is a city-state of the French Riviera which pops with adventure and excitement! It is a place where you can hike up rocky peaks, explore trails through thick forest, indulge in excellent cuisine by the ocean, and go shopping in quaint, stylish shops. Unique is a word that doesn’t even begin to describe how different Corsica is from any other place in the world!

Corsica is a beautifully scented island, flocked by gorgeous flowers that are almost always in bloom in its bushlands. The mountainous peaks of this island were created by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, which makes this island amazing.

As your luxury-chartered yacht starts to approach the island, you will immediately smell the intoxicating perfumes of all the elegant flowers in bloom and will see its jutted cliffs on the horizon. As you come up into the bay, you will instantly notice its white sandy shores, crystal-clear blue water, and ancient buildings with terraces and red-tiled roofs. With this kind of view, while you’re relaxing aboard your chartered yacht, sipping an excellent cocktail, it is easy to fall instantaneously in love with the island!

Corsica is sometimes called a mini-continent, and it’s easy to see why once you witness its beautiful mountain retreats, generous nature preserves, 200 lovely beaches, and 385 miles of magnificent coastline.

The mild Mediterranean weather has helped the development of lush green forests which foster and protect an enormous variety of bird species, all which you can quickly view from cruising around the island on one of our luxury yacht charters. You may even witness one of the several endangered animals that thrive in the southern alpines of Corsica!

If you go hiking in Corsica, you will be walking along one of Europe’s best hiking trails. While you’re traveling, you will be able to observe over 40 types of beautiful orchids, rare mosses, and lichens.

If you get hungry, try checking out some of the local cuisines – this is the only place in the French Riviera where you will be treated to some of the world’s most exquisite coastal delicacies!

While it may seem tempting to stay on the land with all these wonders, you will find that there is a vibrant water culture you can explore while on your Corsica yacht charter, as well. Have fun paragliding, go diving, snorkeling or scuba around Corsica’s beautiful coral reefs!

If you prefer, just enjoy swimming along in the fresh, warm Mediterranean waters. along the shorelines in your chartered yacht and look for Corsica’s most magnificent natural treasures hidden along its peaks and cliffs. There are even sea caves for you to explore here, full of exotic marine life and colorful tropical fish!

If you love fresh seafood, have the crew on your luxurious Corsica yacht charter catch some fresh fish for a romantic dinner! Corsica is one of the best places in the world to go sea fishing, and our expert crew will ensure you get the catch of the day as an innovative, elegant dish!

Natural aquariums, exciting water sports, luxurious and relaxing lounging, quaint villages, nature preserve paradises, hidden sea caves, colorful coral reefs, exquisite and creative seafood cuisine, and more await your exploration in Corsica when you take a luxurious, quality yacht charter with us!

Nothing can compare to the high thrills, picturesque scenery, perfumed smells, or delicious tastes you will experience when you take one of our luxury yacht charters through Corsica – known to locals as “The Beautiful Island.”


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