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Pleasant days by azure waters in the shade of old walled towns, white limestone streets illuminating ornate buildings with red-tiled roofs, woodlands, and wildflower fields surrounding small scenic fishing villages, a pulsing and vivacious nightlife – this is Croatia! The astonishing-freckled coastline is unquestionably its biggest attraction.

The first thing that stands out is the clearness of the water. When it’s set against a stunning white-pebbled beach, it twinkles with gem-like passion in shades of bright green and cerulean.

There are extensive shingly and sandy stretches too – flawless for languid days spent lounging while sipping on delicious cocktails. If that all sounds too tranquil, there are countless water-based activities at hand on board your boat to entice you off your sun-lounger – windsurfing, wakeboarding, diving, and snorkeling, just for starters. Ashore, there are scores of historical old towns and landmarks to relish among Croatia’s many beautiful islands!

Sail around Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is bewitching and unique. Whether you are seeing Dubrovnik for the first time or the tenth, the feeling of wonder never fails to come when you set eyes on the loveliness of the ancient town.

It’s hard to fathom anyone becoming bored by the city’s ornate buildings, ivory limestone streets, and the infinite sparkle of the Adriatic, or failing to be enthused by a walk along the longstanding city walls that protected a civilized, cultured state for epochs. Prepare to be swept away by this unique and fashionable charter destination’s vibrant nightlife and specialty restaurants!

Mljet Yacht Charter

Mljet is one of the most enticing Adriatic islands. Most of the island is covered by woodlands, and the rest is speckled with small villages, vineyards, and fields. The western end will introduce you to Mljet National Park, where the fantastic saltwater lakes, pine forests, and lush vegetation are especially picturesque.

It’s an unspoiled refuge of serenity that, affording to legend, enchanted Odysseus for ages. We’re positive he never regretted an instant. Stop by the VelikoJezero, once home to a Benedictine Monastery, and enjoy a Croatian specialty lunch at this scenic café and restaurant.

Lastovo Yacht Charter

Lastovo is an idyllic terrestrial paradise for anyone that wants to surround themselves with the pure natural beauty of Croatia. One of the most undeveloped and remote of Croatia’s inhabited islands, petite olive Lastovo sits in silent seclusion west of Mljet and south of Korčula.

Like likewise remote Vis, Lastovo was closed to foreign visitors and used as a military base during the Yugoslav period. Now that it’s open to tourism it has become a favorite target for yachties, who relax in its small heavenly bays.

The island is a great spot to take pictures of ancient architecture and is the home of many lovely historic Roman Catholic churches. It also features many summer music festivals and a fun-filled Carnival. Enjoy the freshly caught seafood delicacies and fine wine or take a stroll along with your choice of premium beaches – you can choose between powdery white sand or clean rocky shores.

Korcula Yacht Charter

Abundant in small villages, olive groves, and vineyards, and harboring a magnificent ancient town, the Isle of Korčula extends nearly 47km in length, making it the sixth biggest Adriatic island.

Thick forests brought the first Greek colonists to name the island KorkyraMelaina or Black Korčula. Peaceful bays and diminutive sand beaches speckle the sheer southern shore while the northern coast is flat and rocky.

Tradition is lively and thriving on Korčula, with ancient sacred rituals, dances, and folk music still being executed to the pleasure of a rising incursion of visitors.

The old city will inspire you with its impressive fortifications and signature red tile roofs, as well as the local flavor of its many restaurants, boutiques, cafes, and the town’s local museum. Take delight in trying all the local delicacies such as goat and sheep milk cheeses, smoked ham, and seafood.

You will adore its wine! Pošip grapes, which debatably the greatest of all Croatian whites are made from, are only cultivated here and a little on the Pelješac Peninsula.

Explore Vis

A casual lifestyle and irresistible Mediterranean ambiance define Vis, which has spent most of its history as a Yugoslav army military base. Of course, this protected the island from development, and now its lack of development has become its principal drawing as a tourist attraction.

Travelers from all over the world now flock to Vis seeking peace, quiet, authenticity, nature, and gourmet delights. This pure and pristine island is also well known for its unique white wine, Vugava.

Explore its magnificent preserved natural architecture and spectacular beaches, antique thermal baths, ancient Greek gravestones, old theater remains, and town’s fortress while you’re here! Vis’ robust, unique beauty will hold you captivated under its spell!

Hvar Yacht Charter

Hvar’s strategic location has made her known as the queen of the Dalmatian’s islands. Fall in love with this island’s vast vineyards, enormous old olive trees, and aromatic lavender fields as you indulge yourself in homemade wines and cheeses from the quaint local restaurants.

Explore the mysteries of its many old monasteries or stone fortifications. Lazily stroll down its beautiful waterfront promenade flocked by plush palm trees. Bask in its picturesque piazza and take pictures of the gorgeous St. Stephen’s Cathedral and monuments.

Enjoy a refreshing drink in one of the cafes in the afternoon, then dance the night away in one of its chic disco clubs.

Brac Yacht Charter

Brač is famed for several things: its brilliant ivory stone, utilized to create the White House in Washington, DC and Diocletian’s Palace in Split, and Zlatni Rat, the extensive rocky beach in Bol that stretches extravagantly into the Adriatic.

It’s filled with several sleepy villages, towns, and a spectacular Mediterranean scene of sheer crags, dark water, and pine woods. The central part of the island is strewn with large stones – the outcome of the laborious efforts of women who, over many years, collected the rocks to make room for vineyards and sour-cherry, almond, fig, and olive orchards.

The island now makes a fantastic retreat for diving, snorkeling, or fishing in its crystal-clear waters with the picturesque town of Milna in the background. Pamper your taste buds with tasty specialty lamb dishes and procip, a plate of fresh cheese slices baked in caramelized sugar. Don’t forget to end your meal with a delicious, refreshing glass of smutica, made from goat milk and red wine.

Wander in Split

Split is a vibrant, throbbing city that is like taking a walk through time with its Roman piazzas, temples, and walls.

No visit to Croatia is complete without paying a visit to this thriving town! Ancient museums, promenades, temples, squares, and cathedrals wait to greet you. Wonder at the grand Egyptian sphinxes in Peristil square and in front of St. John’s Church, which were brought to Split by Diocletian. Get inspired by the beautiful sculptures exhibited in the city’s art gallery or marvel at the exhibits in the country’s oldest archeological museum.

Delight in the local flavor such as sopamik, a mangold-stuffed dough, and prsut, a local ham. There are also tons of magnificent wines and excellent cheeses to please your taste buds!

If you still have energy left at night, you will find yourself right at home in one of Split’s many bars, pubs, and nightclubs.

Visit Trogir

Stunning Trogir (the Venetians call it Tau) is set on a tiny island within medieval walls, connected by bridges to both Čiovo Island and the mainland. The town’s gorgeous main waterfront promenade and charming harbor make the perfect setting for the city’s large variety of excellent Baroque and Renaissance architecture, such as the Trogir Cathedral, the masterpiece of Radovan, a 13th-century sculptor.

At the Museum of Sacred Art, you can see a large Bellini painting of St. Jerome and St. John, many illuminated manuscripts, and a life-size colorful painting of Crucifix with Triumphant Christ. Descend to the extensive coastal promenade at night, which is lined with yachts, cafes, and bars – complete with tangled marble streets mysteriously glowing under antiquated streetlights.


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