Sail Through The Jewel Of The Mediterranean In The French Riviera

Renowned for being a luxury yachting vacation paradise, the intoxicating French Rivieria is the ultimate destination to indulge in unhindered hedonistic pleasure. With spectacular coastlines, renowned casinos and the world’s best culinary experiences, this sophisticated region provides you with the ultimate in luxury and indulgence.

Immerse yourself in culture as you attend the exquisite Cannes International Film Festival, feed your soul as you walk through the remarkable Picasso Museum or indulge in celebration at the famous champagne parties in the elite clubs of Pampelonne beach. With luxury spas, historic icons and endless boutiques lining the quaint cobbled streets, this awe-inspiring region is truly reserved for the best of the best.


    Famously known for being the glittering shining star of yachting and luxury holidays, the French Riviera brings together glistening coastal towns with incomparable luxury shopping and five-star culinary experiences that will leave you spoilt for choice. An oasis of luxury and Mediterranean charm, St. Tropez has become a mecca for the world’s rich and famous with high-end boutiques and world-class dining lining the picturesque alleyways of the elegant Old Town.

    For a taste of life on the fast lane, cruise down to Monaco to watch the annual Monaco Grand Prix. The thrill of watching Formula One cars racing through the narrow streets from the comfort of your luxury yacht charter is simply unforgettable.


    The perfect destination for a mix of luxury and unhindered pleasure, begin your journey of indulgence as you watch the sunset with an aperitif in hand at a classic Riviera beach bar. Then let the night whisk you away to one of the many five-star gourmet French restaurants, complemented by some of the world’s finest, locally produced champagne.

    Once you’ve indulged in culinary delights, let your desires run wild as you explore some of the exclusive clubs at Antibes, St Tropez or Monaco before heading back to the alfresco of your luxury yacht for an exciting after party that’ll carry you through till sunrise. Wh

Excite Your Senses In The World’s Most Romantic and Charming Charter Destination

From the glamorous town of St Tropez to the enchanting allure of Nice, the South Of France has long been known as a region filled with glitz and glamour. As one of the most coveted charter destinations in the world, it has something to fuel every desire from high-end luxury shopping to unforgettable night-life destinations that’ll soothe the appetite of every hedonistic desire. With our range of world-class yachts to choose from, you can experience a true sense of uninhibited pleasure on an exquisite vessel that’s exclusively reserved for the world’s best.

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