Yacht charter in Ile Saint Honorat

South of France is well known for many factors: the fantastic city of Paris, its history, for the Cote d’ Azur where you can view the most famous movie stars on board impressive superyachts…

It is also known for its unique gastronomic meals, its beautiful countryside, the production of wines, liqueurs, cheeses, and perfumes!

1 day yacht charter escape

Saint-Honorat is a small islet, not far from Cannes. With your private yacht charter in the South of France, you can be there within 15 minutes.

Saint Honorat is a famous island for day yacht charter, for a day sailing escape in Cote d’ Azur! The island is inhabited by monks, for 1600 years!

The monks work hard in the vineyards, as they own a large wine estate of approximately eight hectares! They produce wine and liqueurs using ancient methods, and they are happy to receive people on their land to show them their products and offer them excellent hospitality!

The island has seven chapels and a beautiful monastery built during the 11th century. One can visit, the monastery and other ancient monuments, such as the Napoleonic hotspot furnaces, etc.

Take your private yacht in South of France and discover this small islet!


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