Villefranche Sur Mer Yacht Charter

Villefranche is a hidden gem, between Nice and Monaco. The small picturesque village is built on a steeply sloping hillside, and you cannot miss it while you cruise from Nice towards Monaco on your private yacht charter in South of France. The stunning small harbor, the colorful houses stuck one to another, will invite you to visit!

Villefranche used to be a stopover port for the Greeks and the Romans back to ancient times, while they were sailing along the West Mediterranean. It was a safe port not exposed to pirates, therefore, very convenient for those sailors!

The waters of Villefranche are really deep, as a result, we have always anchored here numerous large, imposing mega yachts that cruise along Cote d’ Azur. The town itself is gorgeous with lovely scenic alleys, restaurants, cafes and tourist shops.


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