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Dodecanese Yacht Charter

The Dodecanese Islands have been inhabited since the prehistoric period and were, over the centuries, occupied by the Romans, Venetians and Ottomans. This is evidenced by the different styles of historic architecture. The most popular cruising destinations in the Dodecanese are:

Rhodes— A large and unique island, Rhodes is the capital of Dodecanese and home of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Created between 304 and 293 B.C., it took the sculptor Chares 12 years to complete the massive project, which was toppled during an earthquake in 226 B.C. Located at the virtual crossroads between Europe, the Middle Easton, and Africa,Rhodes has been inhabited since 400 B.C and has always been a popular place for travelers, with a developed trade route since ancient times. The apostle Paul is said to have visited Rhodes.

The town has four lovely marinas, and luxury yacht charter guests can anchor in the port andenjoy many inland activities, includingvisiting interesting museums; walking through the Medieval city of Rhodes; dining, shopping, and enjoying the island’s robust night life.
The beaches here come in all shapes, sand-types, and sizes and include:Afandou, Faliraki, Kalathos, Kalithea, Traganou, Tsambika, and Agathi Beach.

Kos— In the Hellenistic period, Kos was a very prosperous island. The kings of Egypt enjoyed watching the Aegean Sea from her shores. Today, the island is a cultural center with many things of interests to explore, including a 14th century castle and the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” who is believed to have been born in the town. History buffs will enjoy vising theHippocratic Museum and the Asklepion. The town has manyfine restaurants, eclectic shops and fun bars. (There is even a little street in town, called, “The Bar Street”).

Wonderful beaches to visit by a sailing boat, motor yacht or any type of luxury private charter yacht include: Kardamena, Kefalos Beach, Lambi Beach, Marinari, Thermes, PsalidiBeach,PsilosGremos, andGolden Beach.

Kalymnos is an island located between Kos and Leros, in the southeastern Aegean. It is one of the wealthiest islands in the Dodecanese. It was firstinhabited by the Minoans and then the Mycenean Greek civilization, before being occupied by the Turks and later the Italians, who relinquished its control in 1947. Kalymnos is known for its excellent sponge-diving, and there are many beautiful cruising places, snorkeling spots,and secluded beaches to discover in the area, includingPlatisGialos, Myrties, Akti, Arginonta, Emporio,andKalamies.

Patmos is best-known for its breathtaking beauty, unique architecture, andancient monasteries. The Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of Apocalypse are two favorite tourist destinations and wonderful places to take vacation photos and learn about the history of Patmos. Charter yacht guests will also love the island’s picturesque beaches, includingKambos Beach, Vagia, Didymes, Lambi Beach, and Grikos, where you can swim, relax in the sun, and play water sports in the calm seas.


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