Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter

When you first approach the dazzling Amalfi Coast, you’ll notice a long stretch of rugged coastline and pristine beaches with cliffs speckled with colorful pastel fishing villages.

Beautiful and seductive, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most captivating destinations to take a yacht charter in Italy. The unspoiled coastal towns hemmed in by mountains remain evergreen and crisp, making the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and refreshing private yacht getaway.

Ischia Yacht Charter

Ischia is a beautiful island outcropped by volcanic peaks, bountiful gardens, vineyards, forests, and picturesque spa towns. In this land of warm waters, you will find everything you need for a day of total relaxation – mud and beauty treatments, massage, private beaches, thermal and saltwater pools, and fabulous seaside restaurants.

San Pancrazio and Citara are two infamously gorgeous bays you can reach by yacht that offer crystal clear aquamarine waters that are spectacular to swim, dive, snorkel, and play in. If you’re interested in knowing what real by-the-sea living is about, then you will love Procida – it is the perfect natural environment; quiet, transparent, and still firmly rooted in sea-farer traditions.

For fantastic views of gardens and crystal-clear pools, try taking your yacht to Giardino Eden of Ischia Ponte.

Capri Yacht Charter

The prettiest island along the Amalfi Coast is sure to enchant and thrill you! This holiday-favorite with its banks of colorful bougainvillea, sun-bleached stucco, generous vegetable plots, and grand villas retains an unspoiled charm that is unparalleled.

You will revel in its Roman ruins, lush groves and caves, and chichi piazzas – a beauty that is beyond words.

Take a romantic ride with your supplied motorboat along the luminous blue sea cave, Grotta Azzurra. Glorious panoramic views await you aboard the Monte Solaro chairlift, which will take you to the highest peak in Capri.

At Villa San Michele, you will be able to see charming gardens with pathways flanked by fragrant flowers and Roman sculptures. Later, enjoy a refreshing Spritz (tonic, bitter, and Prosecco) at Capri’s main square.

Enjoy an elegant and delicious dinner at E’ Divino, the wine house designed like a real house, then dance the night away in one of Capri’s glamorous and glitzy clubs.

Positano Yacht Charter

Positano is the most photogenic and exclusive town of the Amalfi coast. You will be excited by the sight of lofty houses plummeting down to the sea in a waterfall of pink, peach, and terracotta. Just as thrilling is its colorful steps and steep streets lined by wisteria-draped retailers, restaurants, and hotels. There is a distinct southern Italian holiday impression about Positano that is impossible to forget.

Spend the day playing in Positano’s fresh, sparkling blue waters – snorkel, swim, go jet skiing, or parasail while drinking in the beauty of its white sand beaches and colorful buildings. Go to the populated Spiaggia Grande beach to get coffee or even have a small personal painting of Positano commissioned.

Check out the more secluded Fornillo beach to walk down the romantic Sentierodegliinnamorati trail to be greeted by a spectacular view of Fornillo’s sparkling, shiny oasis. Don’t forget to explore Positano’s quaint and quirky artisan shops while you’re there!

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