Capri is an island of dramatic beauty with its deep blue ocean, breathtaking views, and the scent of lemon blossoms lingering in the air.

This fabled beauty has attracted all kinds of famous celebrities like Mariah Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lenin. A fusion of sparkling coves and caves, this island is a popular summer favorite and day-trip destination for many holidaying VIPs.

It is the ideal place to escape all worries and play the day away enjoying choice Caprese cuisine in quaint cafes, or even merely enjoying the vivid colors of the bougainvillea and sun-bleached villas while you sip cocktails and relax aboard your own private yacht.

Capri is astoundingly humble, captivatingly scenic, and highly elegant. One of the best attractions you will experience here is the Blue Grotto, a fascinating sea cave filled with a brilliant blue light that bounces off the water and casts a hauntingly beautiful glow throughout the cave.

Enjoy an elegant Italian lunch prepared by your private, expert chef aboard your Capri private yacht while drinking in the stunning views of the Marina Piccola’s pristine white sand beaches or the rocky cliffs and peaks of Monte Solaro spotted with gorgeous gardens and private villas.

A yacht charter to Capri is one of the most perfect ways to escape all worries and relax in pure beauty and style.

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