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Located off the coast of Trapani, the three tiny Egadi Islands are a must-visit destination for anyone who loves ancient art, history, quaint villages, stunning coastal vistas, pristine beaches, and a laid-back atmosphere with a uniquely Sicilian flavor.

These islands are as charming as they are diverse, with a fascinating legacy that includes the end of the first Punic War, in 241 B.C. and prehistoric cave art that has attracted millions of world-wide visitors to the islands since its discovery in 1949.

Traveling onboard a luxury yacht charter is the absolute best way to experience the rugged beauty and cobalt seas of the Egadi Islands!

Places to Visit

Favignana is home to numerous grottos, mountains, and caves that open onto magnificent white-sand beaches, with endless ocean views.

Visit its small village for delicious Italian cuisine and a scenic stroll around the piazza. The island is famous for its freshly-caught tuna.

You can even watch the fishermen cast their giant tuna nets into the sea during the May and June, when large schools of tuna swim the ocean, in the time of Mattanza—a ritual that has remained the same for over a thousand years.

You will find warm bays and great snorkeling and diving spots in Cala Rotonda and Cala Grande, on the western side of the island, or travel to the northwest coast to anchor near the towns ofPunta Faraglione or Punta Sottile—every location is as beautiful as the last!

In the harbor of Porto Favignana, shop for unique, hand-crafted gifts, and enjoy a delightful Sicilian meal and glass of wine at one of several casual restaurants. Take a relaxing swim in the clear waters of Punta Longa, or travel to the small bay of Cala Rossato visit the awe-inspiring Grotta Azzura (Blue Cave), Grottadegli Inamorrati (The Lovers’ Cave), and the Grottadei Sospiri (Cave of Sighs!)

Levanzo is a tiny island with enormous charm and beauty!Its dramatic, rocky coast gives way to verdant hills and secluded beaches, just the right size for a fun, relaxing day in the sun.

Climb to the top of the Pizzodei Monaco for a spectacular view of the ocean andCalaDogana, the area’s only village. This is the perfect location to unwind and enjoy the breeze and quiet.

There are two restaurants on Levanzo, should you get hungry after your day exploring.

Marettimo offers nature-lovers a rare delight, with its touring limestone cliffs, untouched verdure, and glorious views of the sea!

Visit the ancient Roman outpost ruins, built in the 3rd century B.C. or the 11th century Norman church. See the watch tower over Punta Troia, first constructed by the Arabs and later converted into a castle by the Norman king, Roger ll.

Take a walk to the rocky shoreline, and swim in the sapphire sea after touring the castle. Like most of the unspoiled island, its coastline is sparsely-populated and relatively free of crowds.

Explore the Grotta del Cammello, a cave that opens onto a secluded beach filled with colorful pebbles. This area— part of the Egadi Marine Reserve— is also a beautiful spot for snorkeling or diving, as the waters are crystal-clear and abundant with vibrant marine life.

Be sure to try the island’s specialty cuisine— lobster soup— and other signature Sicilian and seafood dishes offered in Marettimo’s many wonderful restaurants.

This remote island –15 miles off the coast of Trapani— is easily accessible to you from your luxury yacht charter and one of the most memorable and scenic places you will ever visit!

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