Watch history come alive in Genoa! As you approach Genoa in your chartered yacht, you will notice a beautiful array of pink and yellow buildings rising from the glistening blue waters.

One of Italy’s oldest and largest seaports, Genoa is an intriguing mixture of deep shade, sparkling lights, and grandeur. You can discover all kinds of private squares, secret old shops, small classic Italian restaurants, the best bars, and other hidden spots down Genoa’s twisting maze of narrow streets that feel like stepping into a painting.

Admire the remarkable beauty of the antique palaces like the Palace of the Doges. Drink delicious wine in genuine “old style” bars in the antique part of the city and try to capture the enchantment of an old Templar Hospital in photographs.

Go shopping in the Piazza de Ferrari and pose for a glamorous photograph in front of its giant, beautiful fountain. Make your heart sing by attending an opera in the grand Teatro Carlo Felice opera house.

Genoa’s combination of splendid past, laid-back worldview, distinct language and food, steadfast authenticity, and telling mysteries are sure to hold you spellbound.

Welcome to Genoa – an ancient city that is just as captivating as it is beautiful!


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