Ischia is a fascinating mix of attractive small towns, vineyards, forests, bountiful gardens, and expansive spa towns which all makes for remarkable scenery.

It is an island of history, beauty, and regeneration. Relax in one of its many hot springs or pamper yourself in a spa with Ischia’s famous volcanic mud which is full of healthy minerals.

Unwind from stress by soaking in the warm sunshine and fresh waters of its gorgeous coastline or take your yacht to the other side of the island to drink in the beauty of its mountainous region, which is perfect for snapping photos.

In Forio, you can enjoy great Italian drinks in one of its many bars or admire the pretty pastel buildings along tree-lined boulevards.

The Port of Ischia offers tons of high street shopping, and at night you can go dancing in one of its many fashionable discotheques. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love to visit Aragon’s Castle in Ischia, which is full of tales about thunder and blood. La Mortella is a beautiful garden that adds to Ischia’s style, appeal, and depth.

Take your leisure here while you enjoy refreshments in a serene environment surrounded by fauna and flora from every corner of the world. A yachting adventure into Ischia is a trip you will never forget.

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