Your private yacht charter adventure in Italy begins in the port of Fiumicino – where you can get ready to have one of the most fantastic educational, culinary, cultural experiences ever!

Rome is one of the world’s most exhilarating and romantic cities. Vibrant street life, wine-rich countryside, awe-inspiring art, and poignant ruins all await you when you take a yacht charter through Rome. The Roman coast is a spectacular tapestry of sceneries amongst sparkling sea and volcanic headland.

From terraced slopes and sun-drenched coves to Baroque masterpieces and Renaissance palaces, Rome glistens with unforgettable experiences and opportunities!

Delight in art and culture as you drink in the dolce vita lifestyle! You will love the Roman lifestyle – people-watching from pretty piazzas, drinking exquisite coffee at street-side cafes, shopping and idling around picturesque streets – The town of Rome speaks pure luxury, creativity, and pizazz.

The combination of the excellent food, splendid wine, and alfresco atmosphere of Rome is sure to guarantee good times!

Shop until you drop in the high fashion shops lining the busy,chic street of Via Condotti. Revel in all the city’s priceless treasures – the Renaissance frescoes and Byzantine mosaics that brilliantly flock the city’s art-rich churches, the medieval piazzas that are flanked by Baroque facades, the ancient statues that embellish world-class museums.

The Colosseum is a must for places to visit – the sheer size of the world’s largest amphitheater is sure to astound you! Don’t forget to visit the famous Trevi fountain decked out in mythological characters in Baroque fashion.

Legend has it that if you throw one coin over your shoulder into the fountain, you will return to Rome; two coins mean you will fall in love with a Roman, and three coins mean you will marry that Roman.

Most breathtaking of all, the Vatican City – a paradigm of abundance and wealth throughout the ages, this old yet modern metropolis still flourishes with beautiful sculptures and classic Roman ethos. A yacht charter starting in Rome will create memories and experiences of a lifetime – carpe diem!


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