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Venice is one of the rare cities that can claim a priceless historical heritage that is as grand as its beautiful art. This marvelous city is a product of miracle genius, being built entirely on the water.

A magnificent “lagoon” surrounded by waterways that lead to quaint city shops and restaurants, Venice makes for spectacular scenery and fascinating experience that can never be forgotten. There is nothing quite like dreamily starting a yacht charter close to one of Venice’s many watery roads!

The multi-colored buildings lining the waterways, roaring boats speeding past, and gondoliers artfully maneuvering their gondolas through tight alleys while singing is only a small preview of what Venice is all about.

Venetian cuisine is extraordinarily creative, full of specialty produce and seafood you can’t find anywhere else and tantalizing the tongue with the traces of ancient spice routes. Enjoy a drink from the L’Ombra del Leone, which has one of the best views of the Grand Canal and is a favorite stop for gondolas and gondoliers.

The Cantina do Mori – the oldest bacaro in Venice – will enchant you with its friendly service, excellent cichetti, and fantastic wines in an atmosphere that expresses centuries of stories and traditions. Revel in one of Al Timon’s grand feasts at happy hour, indulging in the splendid spread of cicheti (Venetian tapas).

Don’t forget to save room and time for a proper sit-down Venetian meal, participating in toasts of Venice’s signature bubbly prosecco and relishing the lagoon seafood of bistros by the canal.

Realize the pleasures of la bea vita (the beautiful life) in the radical new art of Biennale, racy operas at La Fenice, or the controversial artwork at Punta della Dogana.

Purchase custom-designed glass jewels livelier than semi-precious stones, purses created from silk-screened velvet, or red-carpet-ready shoes from one of the many showrooms of local artisans.

Evoke the spirit of play and fun by celebrating Venice’s Carnival – a time of competitive mask contests, gigantic wigs, majestic costume balls, and a parade of preening, strutting revelers!

Venice’s originality shines in the world of cookie-cutter culture, and the only way to fully appreciate its loveliness and individuality is aboard a privately chartered yacht.

Try our itinerary that starts in Venice and ends in Dubrovnik – it’s a charter experience you’ll never forget.

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