Balearic Islands

At Absolute Yachting, the yacht charter specialists can help you organize a perfect private cruise in your favourite destination: Spain and the Balearic Islands!

In Spain, there are different rules and regulations about chartering than other cruising areas. In Spain there are not many based commercial vessels, there are only a few, and you can see them in categories here below:

If the above selection of yachts is not what you are looking for, WE CAN offer you other yachts that can legally charter in Spain, but according to the following rules and regulations for commercial yachts carrying NON SPANISH FLAGS:
Embarkation – disembarkation has to be in a port outside of Spain. ( port Vendres in South of France is the nearest port in Spain). The guests cannot have any interest, home, businesses or assets in Spain and cannot be of Spanish nationality or residents. The guests cannot leave the guests’ list ( i.e. depart from the yacht) and no new guests can join the yacht whilst in Spanish waters. 

Please kindly fill in our booking form, to require for another yacht which is legal to charter in Spain. Please tell us what kind of yacht you would like to have, motor yacht or sailing yacht, for how many guests, for how many days and if you have an indicative budget. Please indicate your preferred cruising period. One of our experts will find you the most suitable yacht for your group! Please call us or write to us and we will serve you immediately! 

At Absolute Yachting, we will guide you and help you organize a perfect yacht charter in Spain and the Balearic islands! Use our expertise to your advantage! Let us do the hard work for you! We are here to find you the right yacht!

A few words about Spain:

Located on the Iberian peninsula. Its official name is the Kingdom of Spain. The variety of landscapes make Spain beautiful. 

The region of Catalunya is on the northeastern part of the country. The region has a unique culture and language. Barcelona attracts millions of tourists every year, she is extremely gorgeous with her outstanding architectural heritage, museums, etc.

Costa Brava is a great place to visit as well, an area with many natural resources. Also, other places in Catalunya worth visiting are Calella de la Costa, Castelldefels, Sitges, Calafell, Torredembarra, Miami Playa etc. 

Valencian Community is a region full of long beaches and orange groves. Here, the famous event is the fiesta of Saint Joseph. The center of the town of Valencia is beautiful. Also worth visiting are the following areas: Cullera, Gandia, and Oliva. Costa Blanca though is the most popular destination in Spain due to its gold sandy beaches. 

The Balearic Islands, have their own beauty and their exceptional weather conditions. Palma de Mallorca is its capital. The islands are unique, picturesque, with beautiful beaches, and clear waters. The Balearic Islands are: Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Cabrera.

Andalucia is an extremely beautiful area. Its major centers are Seville, Malaga, Granada, and Cordoba. The best beaches are in between Cadiz and Tarifa in the side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Balearics Yacht Charter

Relax on the deck of your private yacht while soaking in the warm sun of the Balearic islands. Dive into crystal-clear blue waters and engage in fun water sports. Party the night away in exclusive clubs of Ibiza with celebrities and other creative, beautiful people.

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