Sail around Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most remarkable and generous places in the Med, you can explore on one of our quality charter yachts! Enjoy a grand view of this amazing cosmopolitan, cocktail of art and architecture places!

Let all the beauty and splendor of Barcelona’s rich culture, fine wines, and delightful dining whisk you away, beyond all imagination!

If you venture ashore in Barcelona, you will quickly realize that you are in one of the most popular and dynamic cities in the world. The city sparkles year-round with something to please everyone: great shopping, stylish restaurants, breathtaking architecture, culture, and a never-ending night-life, all vibrantly alive in this bustling metropolis!

Explore the rich history of Barcelona

There is much to be said for the architecture in Barcelona, such as the incredible works of Gaudi which will blow you away with their beauty and intricate designs. Art museums feature the works of Miro and Picasso. You will be fascinated by the creative culture of the people – and maybe even inspired to create some of your own works of art!

Tapas restaurants litter the streets of Barcelona – there are so many that you are going to be dazed by the sheer magnitude of choice! Tapas is a special delicacy of Barcelona that is Spanish food served in small, creatively designed portions. While you dine in fine Catalina style, make sure you also try some of the exquisite wine – Barcelona is also worldly acclaimed for its unsurpassable quality of aged wines!

La Rambla is a central promenade in Barcelona filled with exotic cafes with delicious choice dining options sure to satiate you. La Barceloneta features a wide beach where you can spend the day anchored while on board your private yacht engaging in exciting and fun water sports such as snorkeling, scuba, parasailing, and paddle boarding.

Then enjoy the Spanish dishes expertly prepared by your chef on board. Check out the animals at the Zoo of Barcelona or pamper yourself with panoramic views and colorful Gaudi mosaics at the hilltop garden, of ParcGüell. You can even climb up the hill at Montjuïc to see a spectacular show of lights at the Magic Fountain!

Drink in the fabulous Catalan art at the Palau Nacional while you’re there! Barcelona is the place of big dreams, chic style, and rich culture. It is a city that interestingly has the perfect mix of Old World with Modern World, catering to the demands of both. Great care has been taken to ensure the two synchronize beautifully, bringing a unique blend of both classic and contemporary culture that can only be experienced in person.

Feel free to indulge yourself in the Spanish culture, celebrating with all the fiestas your heart desires! At sundown, you can admire your elegant private yacht at the port while you sip a classic sangria from the terrace of the W Hotel. Then party the night away drinking and dancing in the city’s most chic cosmopolitan clubs!

When your day of excitement is through, you can rest easy knowing you can return to your own luxurious private yacht to sleep soundly with the waves gently rocking you into a sweet slumber. You will relax worry-free knowing you are well pampered and taken care of by our expert crew aboard your private yacht charter

A sailing trip to Barcelona on one of our chartering yachts is exciting, fulfilling, and breathtaking – full of fine cuisine, art, and fun that will gratify your soul thoroughly. Viva Espana!


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