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The island was named by the grandson of Apollo, Mykons, and was the location of battle between Zeus and the Titans.

During these times, the island, due to her proximity to the island of Delos, was high populated. Delos was an important location and a great gateway for the people of that time. Mykonos became a supply island for Delos.

The Phoenicians, Macedonians and Athenians tried to leave their mark on Mykonos, but Alexander the Great made the island a commercial centre for agriculture and maritime trade. During the Roman occupation the island flourished and had enormous wealth.

During the Middle Ages, the island was under the rule of Venetians and later was under the rule of the Turks who took the island in the 14th century. The Greek War of Independence ended with the liberation from the Turks in 1830.

In the 1900’s the island was very poor and there were only some fisherman on it, as well as some shipyards making small boats. In 1950’s, the tourism sector started being developed and since then the island gained a worldwide recognition! Due to the island’s unique architecture and hospitality, Mykonos became a haven for the rich and famous. Hire a yacht charter in Mykonos to enjoy its scenic beauty to utmost.

The Greek island Mykonos offers many joys to the people who visit. Great ambience, hospitality, historical sites to visit, fine cuisine, great nightclubs… shopping, enjoying the sun and the sea! A perfect holiday destination! Mykonos is the jewel of the Aegean Sea. This is a fact!

Many people rent villas or rooms on the island and spend time there, but this is the traditional way of doing things. Chartering a yacht is the way to go to Mykonos today! Rent a yacht from Athens, it is only 100 miles away from Mykonos and sail your way to Super Paradise in order to have some fun! Go around the island by a motor yacht charter in Mykonos and get to know all its small secret areas! Anchor your vessel and enjoy the watertoys! At night take your tender and go to the most famous nightclubs! It is a unique way of relaxing and exploring Mykonos! Organize a party on your yacht with your Mykonian friends , enjoy together a perfectly prepared meal or party, organized by your professional crew!

In Mykonos, there are plenty of local attractions. The most common destination is the tiny island of Delos, 30 minutes away from Chora. You can arrive there with your private yacht, anchor and then reach by your tender. Enjoy all attractions by hiring a private boat charter during your vacation.

Other important attractions are: The Windmills, preserved from the 16th century. (Once the island was a producer of wheat and and bread.) The Windmills are a great spot to view the sunsets.

Little Venice is across from the Windmills, famous place for her 2-3 story homes standing like a wall above the sea with their colourful wooden balconies. There are some nice bars in Little Venice, where you can enjoy drinking your favourite cocktails. Watch the exceptionally beautiful sunsets during your Mykonos vacation.

The church Panagia Paraportiani in Mykonos Town is the most impressive church on the island, built in 1425 and completed in the 17th century and is worth visiting.

In Mykonos there are numerous museums such: The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, the Folklore Museum, Lena’s House Museum, Aegean Maritime Museum, Agricultural Museum.

Book your yacht charter and explore Mykonos all around!

The most well known beaches on the island are Paradise and Super Paradise. Psarou Beach is also a nice, relaxing spot , with great tavernas, massages under the trees, and jewellery vendors. Panoramos is great for windsurfing, Ornos well known for the nice restaurants and nice shops.

The climate of Mykonos is characterised by hot, dry summers and mild winters. Like in most of the Aegean islands it hardly ever rains during. Temperatures in July and August range from 30ºC (86ºF) during the day to 22ºC (72ºF) at night. The Cyclades are famous for the constant wind (called meltemi) in July and August that mitigates the heat a bit.

The most well known beaches in Mykonos have as follows:

Paradise: The most popular beach of the island, 6 km away from the main town. You can find on this beach restaurants, cafeterias, snack bars, and other shops. Nudity is common here. The beach is famous for its parties. At 4PM the music gets really loud and the fund never stops!

Super Paradise: located at 7 km from the main town. It is the same situation like Paradise. Music never stops, at about 4PM the music gets really loud. It is time for some to leave and for some others to come to the party, because the party on Mykonos is endless.

Greek Island Mykonos

Agrari is 8 km from the main town. Popular beach, but calmer. Organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sport equipment you can rent. Platys Gialos 6 km from the main town. Busy family beach. Organized and jet skis are for rent here. Platys Gialos is also a starting point for regular boat services to the other beaches of the island.

There many more beaches to visit. The Greek cuisine is delicious and in Mykonos you can visit some of the finest restaurants, but also local traditional tavernas. Your time on the island will be a memorable one, and your moments spent here will be cherished for a lifetime!


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