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Paros is a well known touristic island.

The island of Paros before the Persian War was depended on the island Naxos. In the first Greek Persian War in 490 BC Paros took the Persian side. Miltiades from Athens, demanded a fine of 100 talents but the island shown vigorous resistance and the Athenians sailed back to Athens after a siege of 26 days, during which they had laid the island waste. Paros also sided Persians against Greece in the second Greek Persian War and again Themistocles, the Athenian war leader exacted them a heavy fine.

One of the wealthiest islands in the Aegean. In 378-355 Paros was included in the second Athenian confederacy. Theramenes in 410 BC restored the democracy on the island, as he found Paros to have an oligarchy governing.

Paros and some other Cycldes islands were subject to the Ptolemies, the Hellenic Dynasty that ruled Egypt during 305-30BC. Following this, became part of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire.

In 1537 the island was dominated by the Turks until the Greek War of Independence, 1821-1829. Paros became part of the independent Greece under the Treaty of Constantinople. At this time Paros became the home of a heroine Manto Mavrogenous who fought in the war for independence.

The capital of the island is Parikia. Parikia has a harbour that receives many Aegean island ferries and catamarans, which are coming from the main port of Piraeus. The houses here in Parikia , are of the traditional Cycladic style, with whitewashed walls, blue doors and blue windows.

Another well known settlement in Greek island – Paros is Naousa a beautiful settlement, worth visiting.


Paros is one of the most popular cruising destinations among the Cyclades. You can book a private boat charter to fully enjoy your holidays in Paros.

The atmosphere of the villages is exotic. The nice narrow paved alleys, the colourful bouganvilleas, the lovely churches, the restaurants, the night clubs, the cafes, etc. All make a unique warm, cruising destination! Enjoy Paros holidays and make this an unforgettable time of your life.


In Parikia : Archaeological Musuem with exhibitions of findings dating in Bronze period to the Classical period and Hellenistic Period.

The Byzantine Art Gallery located in Marpirssa. The museum is located behind the church Metamorphosis. It exhibits mostly religious exhibits from the Byzantine and the post Byzantine times.

The Byzantine Museum in Naousa, located in the monastery of Agios Athanasios. It exhibits Byzantine art and art works of the 12th century, Roman sculptures and icons speaking about Byzantine!

The Folklore Art Museum of Lefkes, exhibiting textiles, tools, utensils, showing the life in Paros during the past times.

The Paros Wine Museum, situated in Naousa. Exhibits regarding the history of wine culture.

Other museums are : the Byzantine Museum of Parikia, the Folklore Museum of Scorpios and the Marpissa Sculpture Museum

The island has some of the most popular Paros beaches in the Cyclades where the water is crystal clear and warm. The beaches are organized (most of them) and some (on the eastern side) provide nice spots for windsurfing, such as the Golden Beach.

Other famous beaches are Kolimbithres, Parasporos, Pounda, Santa Maria , Livadia and others.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the island by hiring a mega yacht charter in Paros. The night life in Paros is just wonderful. It is well known that Paros is coming third in Cyclades for the entertainement, after Mykonos and Ios. Naousa is the centre of the night life, as well as Parikia.

The cuisine is delicious in Paros, and very tasteful. You can dine ashore in picturesque restaurants and tavernas.


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