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Santorini’s group of islands is consisted of : Thera, Thirasia, Aspronisi, Palea and Nea Kameni (Volcanoes) located in the Cyclades group of islands, in the Aegean Sea.

The best way to reach Santorini is by a yacht charter. Especially if you charter a motor yacht, it is the faster way to reach the island! Having your own private yacht, you have the opportunity to visit all around it and get to know all her beautiful spots!

The most famous beaches in Santorini are : Kamari and Perissa.
Kamari is located in the southeast side of Santorini. The beach is beautiful and is very famous. On the beach front there are shops, restaurants, hotels etc. It is a very lively place!

Perissa is also well known. The beach is well protected from the Aegean winds the “meltemia“ and it is fun to be there during your holidays. Hire a mega yacht charter in Santorini to reach Perissa beach or Kamari with your yacht. Anchor and have fun with your water toys. Then take your tender and go ashore to mix with the local people or to go shopping – dining.

Santorini’s shape is a result of her volcano in prehistoric times.

The last one was 3600 years ago and the eruption created the current. It is a place that millions of people visit and admire every year. Enjoy your Greek island vacation in Santorini to utmost. The impressive view from the top of the caldera is unique and spectacular!

It is possible to visit the volcano, you can take a tour by sea with a local water taxi.

On the island of Santorini there is a geological-volcanological museum, worth visiting.

The island has a marvelous dry climate, lots of sunshine and it is one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world!

Santorini has a great local cuisine with plates made out of local pure, healthy ingredients. The local production of wines is also distinguished. These two activities are well associated with tourism. The island is a gastronomical destination! You can find here some of the finest restaurants and wineries.

During the past twenty years the wine “assyrtiko” has gained a worldwide recognition as it is one of the best varieties of great Greek wines.

Somewhere in between the ages 1620-1640 BC there was an explosion on the island. All remaining parts of the land were covered in volcanic ash. The evidence showed existence of viniculture and winemaking as far back as the Bronze Age.

The soil allows the earth to retain water during the high summer months and the hot Greek summer. It does not rain much during the year and the only source of water during the summer for the vineyards is the nocturnal fogs.

When the sun goes down, the island is covered in a small fog that comes from the sea. This fog helps the retaining of the water.

The vineyards in Santorini are rare because they have never been attacked by phylloxera. As a result, there are vineyards that are more than 100 years old, retaining their original root stocks. To enjoy the beauty of island, book a boat charter in Santorini visit the local vineyards, taste the local wines and make your trip memorable.

The winds during the summer protect the grapes from the sun exposure. The whole climate helps the vineyards to grow healthy grapes. The people train the vines into a basket shape to protect the growing grapes from the strongest winds, the Meltemi.

More than 14.000.000 sq m of vineyards are found in Santorini today. Well known red grapes are Mandelaria and Mavrotragano. White grapes: Assyrtiko, Athiri , Aedani, Platani, Potamisi etc.

Three Santorini wines are in the category of “name of origin of top quality” and belong to the group of European Union wines” quality wines .They are as follows: Nykteri, Assyrtiko and Vinsanto. Nykteri takes its name from the Greek word meaning “night work”.

Assyrtiko is most popular white variety and represents 80% of the total cultivated varieties producing full bodied wines of high acidity and aroma.

Vinsanto is a traditional wine. Sun dried grapes are laid on the ground in the sun usually for a period of around 15 days and then undergo a long slow fermentation. This produces a honey colored sweet wine.

Santorini Wineries

There are numerous Santorini wineries that produce excellent wine. Most offer guided tours and wine testing. Some even offer their beautifully settings for weddings.

Antoniou Winery

Santorini Wineries

This winery is located in Megalochori and offers its premises also for weddings. The winery is built in 5 levels and has wine cellars and a small museum to explore along with wine tasting rooms. It is a stunning place.

“Santorini Antoniou” is one of their outstanding wines and it is produced by the wine varieties Asyrtico, Aidani, Athiri all grown on the hillsides of Karterado, Emporio and Akrotirio.

Argyros Estate Winery

Santorini Wineries

This winery is over 100 years old, and produces some of the best wines on Santorini island. It is located in Mesa Gonia. Most of the estates vines are between 50 and 60 years old with some vines believed to be as old as 300 years. It is most renowned for its Vinsanto , which is aged for 14 years. All wines can be tasted if you visit the winery.

Boutari Winery

Santorini Wineries

Boutari wines are the biggest and most well known wine producers in Greece. On the island they have a beautiful winery and visitor center. You can make a tour, watch the wine making process, explore the cellars and vineyards and taste all the wines. They produce Selladia, Asyrtiko Boutari, Santorini Boutari, Kallisti and Vinsanto.

Canava Roussos

Santorini Wineries

Located in Episkopi – Mesa Gonia

They are running the winery since 1836. It is one of the oldest canavas ( cellalrs ) on Santorini. You can take a tour, sample the seven excellent wines they make. You can also enjoy a nice traditional meal at the winery Taverna. This winery has a “to die for” outdoor dining area.

Hatzidakis Winery

The family produces several high quality wines and in particular a lovely Vinsanto. Located in Pirgos village and it is housed in a renovated cave.

Santo Winery

At Pyrgos village , on the top of the Caldera cliff, with a magnificent view. This winery welcomes more than 80.000 visitors each year from all over the world to sample their wines. Santo Wines offer some wonderful space for weddings. Wonderful terrace and breathtaking views of the volcano.

Sigalas Winery

Located in Oia. Production of very high quality. Guided tours are offered, wine tasting, with local traditional snacks, local cheese, etc. A great view from the winery!

There are also other wineries on the Greek island of Santorini. The expansion of tourism has resulted the growth of the economy and population on the island. The major settlements are : Fira, Oia, Emporio, Kamari, Perissa, Imerovigli, Pyrgos and Therasia.

Akrotiri is an archaeological site, that has ruins from the Minoan era. Santorini was ranked world’s top island for 2011 in Travel + Leisure Magazine. Santorini was also named the “world’s best island” by BBC in 2011.


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