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The Saronic Islands are situated near the coast of Athens and are a perfect destination for a quick getaway or longer stay.

Unforgettable picturesque small villages, historic architecture, shopping, dining, nightlife. Lovely, relaxing beaches are just some of the pleasures that await you in this iconic Greek Islands.

Explore Aegina

Aegina is considered a suburb of Athens and is the home of a busy port, many fine restaurants and stores, and verdant countryside. The island’s most recognizable landmark is the 5TH-century temple of Aphaia — a must-see!

Visit the Byzantine Paleohora ruins, and the Monastery of Ag Nektarios, set against the dramatic backdrop of the azure sea and white-sand beaches. Be sure to pick up a bag of delicious local pistachio nuts while you are in the area!

Porosis a picturesque island on the opposite side of the narrow sea channel from the mountainous Peloponnese mainland. You will love walking along with romantic, narrow pathways that lead to a hillside tower overlooking the quaint, pastel homes below.

Most of the island’s beaches and a few hotels are located on Kalavria, a densely forested area across the short isthmus from Sferia. Take a short taxi ride to see the ruins of Epidavros—an ancient theatre.

Chartering a luxury yacht gives you the flexibility to set your own agenda and explore the islands you are most interested in seeing. Ask your captain for recommendations about where to visit. Favorite destinations include:

Sail around Hydra

Hydra, with its ancient maritime history, is the most famous island in the Saronic Gulf. The town is built on enormous rocks over a port and resembles a giant amphitheater.

It is breathtakingly lovely, with walking paths and numerous charming boutiques and jewelry stores. You won’t be able to take a taxi anywhere on land here—motor vehicles are forbidden. Instead, wear shoes with a nice grip on the sole, as you will be traveling over cobblestone roads built for the only form of transportation on the island—donkey!

Take a water taxi to Mandraki Bay, where there is a floating water trampoline, excellent swimming holes, and a lovely snorkeling spot near the Sunset Bar.

Visit Spetses

Spetses is the most distant of the Saronic islands and was influential in the 1821 War of Independence. Auto traffic is not allowed on the island, but you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride to view the historic 18th- century mansions, including the House of Bouboulina and the House of Hatzigiannis Mexis, which have been carefully renovated and now serve as museums.

Old cannons still guard the harbor and provide a reminder of the glorious history and romantic past. Visit historic churches, including the Church of Panayia Armata or the Church of Ayios Nikolaos, where the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte was interred in a barrel of rum for three years after his death!

When should you charter a yacht to sail around the Saronic Islands?

If you visit the island in September, you can watch the Armata—a reenactment of the historic naval battle that has been replayed every year since 1931. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the annual Spetsathlon, a triathlon that takes place each April. The Spetses Mini Marathon attracts athletes and tourists from all over the world each October.

The island offers many lovely and secluded beaches, with sapphire waters and pine forests that stretch as far as the sand.


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